Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Have you ever heard of a Mall Hoot?  RHS Members are known for creating their own fun and can turn even a trip to the Mall into a party.  A Mall Hoot, if you are wondering, is simply a gathering of Hatters held at a mall.

Malls fit our requirements perfectly:
  • Our national sport is shopping, by the way, so it's a perfect playground for us.  Check!
  • Sometimes, we walk the mall for window-shopping and exercise.  Check!
  • We get to dress up and show-off our colorful regalia. Check!

Queen Greta Heddy, the leader of the Laid-back Ladies in New Jersey had this to say:

"I had a wonderful time at the King of Prussia Mall Hoot. It was my first RHS event other than my own Chapter’s events. A big thanks to all who created such a wonderful day and to everyone for making me feel so welcome and part of the group. I’m looking forward to more Hatting in my future. (I’m the tall one in the middle! Lol)"

Hatters play with as many Chapters as they have time. One Membership opens the door to fun!
You can join today online and  connect with other Hatters tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Jeannie Johnson and Sisters are feeling proud at the Worldwide Hoot in Fullerton, CA USA
Queen Jeannie from Bakersfield, CA USA, gathered with her Chapter, B-Town Babes for a photo opp at the Fullerton Train Station during the annual RHS Worldwide Hoot.  
It wasn’t until they looked at the picture did they realize that they were accidently photo bombed by Exalted Queen Mother Sue Ellen Cooper, Founder of the Red Hat Society. (Sue Ellen is the fourth from the left, in the back.)   What a Scarlet Sparkle!  #Cheersto20Years
(A Scarlet Sparkle is a term we use for a serendipitous happening in the life of a Hatter, which occurs because of her Membership in the RHS.)  Ready to put a little sparkle in your life?
To learn more about the RHS, go to www.RedHatSociety.com.  Join the fun!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Tidbit from Hatquarters

Red Hat Society gals love themed parties of any kind but one of their all-time favorite themes harks back to the 50’s. A perceived idyllic time of hula hoops, poodle skirts, and saddle shoes.

Of course, the freedom to interpret a specific theme as we choose is especially important to Hatters.  Individuality rules as we create our outfits in our signature colors of Red Hats and purple clothing (50+) and Pink Hats and lavender clothing (Under 50).

Uniqueness and unity blend to produce PERSONALITY PLUS!
Going 50's in Vinton, VA
We don’t always dress up in costumed splendor but when we do, we do it up right!  Curious?  To learn more about the Red Hat Society, pop in for a visit.  www.RedHatSociety.com