Wednesday, September 6, 2017


The Perfect Shade of Pink

When it comes to defining your Hatting-style, it is imperative to find the perfect hat for you. Many women focus on the size, shape and style of the hat, while other places a great amount of emphasis on the color. Afterall, your hat should compliment both your complexion and your hair color. Empress Becky of the Red Hat Power Ladies (Saarbr├╝cken, Germany) knows this dilemma all too well. She recently wrote to Hatquarters about her Chapterette’s journey to discover her Pink Hat style, and what she discovered in the end is so worth the share!

 “I can see both sides (I'm Gemini) of rules and no rules, but would like to tell you a story along these lines. When I wanted to start my very first Chapter in Germany, I told all my friends what the Red Hat Society is about and invited them to come to the first meeting a few months later. One friend was thrilled to hear about it, because she loves to wear hats and had already a small collection, including a red one. A week or so later, she said, ‘Becky, now I hear I have to wear a pink hat because I'm under 50 -- you didn't say anything about that! I can't possibly wear a pink hat with my red hair!’ I gulped and told her, ‘Well we don't have a rule about it, just a very, very strong recommendation from the Founder Sue Ellen!’ During those weeks up until the first meeting, I kept sending her very modern pictures of wonderful rose-pink and hot-pink hats, but she wasn't happy about any of them. I repeated to myself, ‘Not a rule, not a rule.’

On the day of the meeting, I opened my front door when she rang and my jaw must have dropped, because there she stood wearing a hat in old rose! ‘This is the right color for me,’ she said, ‘I can identify with this!’
Since then, she has come to love her pink hats (3 by now), declaring ‘Pinkie Power!’ at the drop of a hat. Recently, she corrected me, as I explained to an interested woman that she had to wear pink.
 ‘Not HAVE TO,’ she said, ‘GET TO!’"

 What a perfect match Empress Becky! Thank you for sharing this story with the Sisterhood!