Tuesday, July 25, 2017



Friendship has been our primary theme from the very birth of the Red Hat Society.  Usually we discuss it in the abstract; this time I’d like to talk about the particular friendship that Esteemed Vice Mother, Linda Murphy and I share.  It has endured for 40 years, surviving and flourishing through moves and all manner of life dramas.  

There were many years in which our friendship was nurtured, almost exclusively, by long, heartfelt letters and occasional phone calls.  Other years found us living close together (and it was during one of those periods I gave her the first red hat).  She was also the one who was responsible for landing us in “Romantic Homes” magazine; and it was her friend, Nancy Manning, who started the first-ever, second chapter – in faraway Florida.  
In retrospect, I cannot think of anyone better suited than Linda to co-host our international conventions and represent the RHS in her area.  The Red Hat Society came into being directly as a result of one special friendship between two women.  And look what has happened!  The most marvelous aspect of this is that thousands upon thousands of women have met each other – and bonded – as a result of the relationship Linda and I share.  That fills us both with gratitude, as well as pride in the ability we women have to draw close to each other and share our lives with one another.  

In friendship, Sue Ellen Cooper, Founder and Exalted Queen Mother of The Red Hat Society
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