Thursday, July 20, 2017


What motivates you? Is it money? Recognition? A sense of belonging? We all have needs that drive us, inspire us, move us to action. My passion is helping people live healthy fulfilling lives. This is what motivates me to do all that I do to encourage my Red Hat Society Sisters to Stay Active.

Ten years ago, I planted the seeds within the RHS. Ten years ago, I started my virtual chapter, Fit n Fabulous.  Fit n Fabulous was created to focus on building up the fifth F in the RHS mission: Fitness.  Hatters in Fit n Fabulous post their workouts, their adversities, their progress, their inspirations, and their chuckles. I post an exercise of the day to give everyone ideas of exercises they can do at home. Fit n Fabulous is a closed Facebook group only for Supporting Members of the RHS.

At the same time that Fit n Fabulous was getting off the ground, I started posting in the RHS forum highlights from interesting and relevant wellness and fitness articles. Hatquarters staff reviews these write-ups and selects the best ones for inclusion in the RHS Friday Broadcast Newsletter.

To do more for my RHS Sisters. I started running monthly Free Groups outside of the Fit n Fabulous group page.  These 5-day Free Groups are always theme based.

For example, we did:

Be a Rainbow in July … where we learned to eat a variety of colorful foods,
               Mid-Summer Mindfulness … where we practiced meditation,
               Move More in March … where we tracked our steps and
               Absolutely Abs … where we strengthened our core.

 The Free Groups have been a huge success with over 100 participants each month. Announcements are made about upcoming Free Groups on my Facebook wall and via emails within the RHS site.

 I am committed to helping Hatters reach their health and fitness goals, whether it’s to lose weight, get stronger, or have more energy. I am here to help.

Sunny Mathews, your Fabulous RHS Fitness Facilitator.  

Join the Red Hat Society to learn more about these activities and how to contact our fabulous Queen Sunny.       Click here.

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