Thursday, July 27, 2017


When fitness is mentioned, most of us think immediately of such things as working up a sweat or gym memberships. But fitness can also refer to the appropriateness of something. We might say that a courageous leader is "fit" for his or her position or a mom who is gently tending to her toddler in a store is "fit" to be a mother. When we put both meanings together we come up with a concept, emphasized by the RHS, that it is "fit" to be "fit." By that we mean that it is appropriate for women in our age group to keep ourselves in reasonably good physical condition in order to be "fit" for the kinds of activities we love to indulge in.
Obviously we can’t aspire to perfection in our physical appearance or abilities any more – if, in fact, any of us ever could. And no one’s suggesting that we should set our goals that high. But, speaking just for myself, I have noticed a tendency to go easier on myself in ways that initially seem pretty harmless. I’m not speaking about forcing myself to go to pump iron or anything, but I catch myself putting off my daily walk or taking the elevator when I certainly could take the stairs. These are little things, sure. But I choose not to give in to what is really, in these specific cases, nothing more than just laziness. I want to be fit so I can DO things, so I can enjoy life to the limits of my capabilities. No, I’m not as fit as I used to be, but I’m still fit to be an enthusiastic Red Hatter. Let’s all continue to enjoy our recesses with the best of them! It would just be fitting!

In friendship, Sue Ellen Cooper, Founder and Exalted Queen Mother of The Red Hat Society
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