Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sue's Corner

Dear Red and Pink Hatters,
Feel a little (or, more likely, a LOT) stressed lately?  Any responsible person who pays too much attention to the cumulative world news of the day is bound to be tied up in knots most of the time.  Sometimes I ask myself whether it has always been like this: has virtually everyone in the world been seriously stressed since the beginning of time, or is everything really getting worse?
Of course, there are all kinds of stress, but I am talking, specifically, about the kind that results from paying too much attention to the daily news barrage from TV, radio and social media.  It occurs to me that we are victims, as well as beneficiaries, of a myriad of scientific advances.  We have gained the ability to know what’s going on almost everywhere in the world, almost as soon as it occurs.  But – if the “news” runs true to form, most of it is bad, making it possible for us to hear about hundreds of worrisome developments – instantaneously - on any given day.  Since there is often very little that you or I can do about these things, the more empathetic of us (which probably includes all women) often carry burdens over world events, about which we can do little or nothing.
Sorry – are you depressed yet?  Well, I wouldn’t want to pose a problem without offering a solution, and that solution is a vacation - not the expensive kind, but a mental one – one that can help unclench your stomach muscles and cause you to take deep, cleansing breaths. I’m inviting you to spend some time immersing yourself in the attached photos of storybook locations that actually exist in this world.  Each photo seems to grow more enchanting than the last one, and you may (as I did) find yourself scrolling back to the top and starting your little “trip” over again– maybe several times.  I’ve had these photos on my computer for months and I don’t know that I’ll ever delete them.  They are a wonderful antidote to the opposite kind of overload, just like “a spoonful of sugar.”
Think about which location calls to you most strongly and ask yourself why.  Imagine what life would be like in one of these places.  Go ahead and have a good fantasy!  I highly recommend it.  (In case you’re interested, I am torn between the Faroe Islands and Austria today.  Tomorrow I may go to Norway or Italy.)
And I am finding quite a bit of pleasure these days in a dark TV screen and a radio turned to “off.”  It’s been good for me.  Another thing I need to do more of is spend time with my friends (especially Red Hatters).  Their friendship and camaraderie is one of the best antidotes to stress I know!

In friendship,
 Sue Ellen, Exalted Queen Mother

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