Tuesday, November 1, 2016

RHS Virtual Fairy Fantasy Ball Agenda Announced! PLEASE SHARE!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

9AM PDT: Welcome to the Party! Thank you for coming! As you make your way through our front door, you’ll find our fairy greeters ready to sprinkle you with pixie dust. Once you’ve partaken of the fairy dust, you’ll notice that you’ll be shrinking down to the size of one of our fairies. Today, you are an honorary fairy! And…for the purposes of our time together today, the fairies have graciously donated wings to each one of you. That way you’ll be able to flit about with one another introducing yourselves. Oh! Heavens me! Where are my manners? I am Ruby RedHat, your hostess for today. What kind of party would we be hosting if we didn’t let everyone get to know one another? Please share who are you, why have you joined us today and if you are an RHS Member (yet)? If you are new to RHS, we want to be the first to welcome you to the party! We’ll use the COMMENT section of this particular post to share our answers. If you are hosting a LIVE party, please share that with us here. We want to see all the live fun happening throughout the day.

10AM PDT: Show us your fairy wand. Every fairy has her very own wand. “Borrow” your favorite fairy wand from images on the internet and showcase just how fabulous your wand is. If you could be so kind as to share WHY your wand is so fabulous, too! If you are new to a virtual party, all you need to do is find an image online that you like and share it in the COMMENT section of the post. You are also welcome to take a photo of you with your own.

11AM PDT: Fairy Wing Contest: (PRIZE TO BE AWARDED FOR Most Creative! Entries will be taken within this hour’s post until 4PM PDT) All guests are invited to use their fairy powers to decorate their fairy wings for consideration in this hour’s post. Decorate a pair of fairy wings, snap a picture of yourself wearing your wings and post it within the COMMENT section of this post ONLY. Anyone who posts their wings OUTSIDE OF THIS POST will not be considered for the prize. In this hour we’re looking for actual decorated wings, not “virtual” decorated wings from the internet. That placement automatically enters you in the contest to win a prize at the end of our party!

12PM PDT: Sweet Fairy Fare- Fairies love foods that are sweet and are prepared with saffron. Among fairies' favorite foods are milk with honey, plain milk, sweet butter and honey cakes. How appropriate for we Hatters! We like to eat our dessert first, too. So, instead of eating protein with veggies, this luncheon will be completely made up of sweet treats! In the COMMENTS section below, show us what sweet treats you have brought to share.

1PM PDT: Fairy Flower Headpiece Contest- No fairy’s outfit is complete without a fairy flower headpiece and no Hatter’s wardrobe is complete without something atop her head. In honor of both fairies AND Red (and Pink) Hatters everywhere, we’re hosting a contest for the most creative headpiece design. This is a REAL contest and as such, we are looking for actual pictures of you wearing your design. Post a photo of you wearing your design in the COMMENT section of this post ONLY for an opportunity to win a prize! Those who post outside of this COMMENT section will not be considered for the prize. That placement automatically enters you in the contest to win a prize at the end of our party!

2PM PDT: Fairy Facts: Today, the tables are turned, and instead of Ruby RedHat asking trivia questions, we’ll be looking for each one of you to provide us with a creative, fun fact about fairies. Be creative with your posts. There will be a prize for the best fairy fact. Entries can be made UNDER THIS POST ONLY until 4PM PDT. Anyone who offers a fairy fun fact OUTSIDE OF THIS POST will not be considered for the prize. At 5PM PDT, Ruby RedHat will announce the winner of the fairy fun fact prize. Ready, set, go!

3PM PDT: Have a turn at the Wishing Well: All good fairies take their turn at the wishing well. At these magical wells, humans share the wishes closest to their heart. Only a human who believes in fairies will have her wish granted. Lend your ear to the well. Who do you hear? What does she wish for and will you appear? To grant her wish, that’s your task. Hurry now, hurry now our fairy dust won’t last! In the COMMENT section below, share with us who your human is, what she desires and how you are making her dreams come true today.

4PM PDT: Fairy Door Ceremony: Shhh…the Queen of the Fairies is coming this way! I know you are new to this but courtesy—don’t sway! Follow our fairy friends’ lead and take your place in line as the Queen Fairy gives each one of us a special fairy and door that we’ll watch over. Don’t push and don’t shove, there are plenty for all. She’ll look into your heart and pick a special fairy for you to watch. This fairy will live alongside you in your home. She’ll flit and she’ll flutter through the fairy door she’ll go. You’ll feed her, protect her and won’t let her roam. But there are so many of us, one can’t always hear…what did the Queen Fairy say to you? Who will you rear? Tell us about your fairy. Share with us your door. We can’t wait to know all the excitement that will be happening in your home! In the COMMENT section below, give us your fairy’s name and share with us what she looks like. How? “Borrow” a photo from the internet and post it in the COMMENT section of this post. Oh! How exciting!

5PM: Our fairy dust is wearing off and we’re beginning to grow big again. We have just a few more moments before our party ends. A thank you to the fairies and to each one of you. Let’s announce our winners and fondly bid adieu.
1. Most Creative Fairy Wings
2. Best Flower Headpiece
3. Most creative fun fact about fairies

Not a member of the Red Hat Society? There's only one, join the fun!

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