Thursday, September 8, 2016

RHS Virtual Wild West Steampunk Party

RHS Virtual Wild West Steampunk Party
Thursday, September 15, 2016

9AM PDT: Welcome to the Party! We’re glad to see you are in your formal attire today. Allow us to take your coat. Hats will (of course) remain on our heads. As we get ready to board the time machine, we want to know who’s here! What kind of party would we be hosting if we didn’t let everyone get to know one another? Please share who are you, why have you joined us today and if you are an RHS Member (yet)? If you are new to RHS, we want to be the first to welcome you to the party! We’ll use the COMMENT section of this particular post to share our answers.

10AM PDT: Hop aboard the time machine! Our destination? An alternate 19th century where America’s Wild West meets the British Victorian era in a little retro futuristic town known as Red Hollow. As we step out of the time machine into this new and foreign land, let’s share what we see! If you are new to a virtual party, all you need to do is find an image online that conveys what you are seeing in front of you and share it in the COMMENT section of the post. If you are hosting a LIVE party and want to post those photos of what you see before you, please do! Need a little education? Take a look at Wikipedia:
11AM PDT: Steampunk Artifact Contest (PRIZE TO BE AWARDED FOR Most Creative! Entries will be taken within this hour’s post until 4PM PDT) All guests are invited to create a uniquely designed steampunk inspired artifact for consideration in this hour’s post. Create your accessory, snap a picture of yourself with your piece and post it (and an explanation of what it is) within the COMMENT section of this post ONLY. Anyone who posts their accessory OUTSIDE OF THIS POST will not be considered for the prize. That placement automatically enters you in the contest to win a prize at the end of our party! Need some inspiration in what to create for submission? Check out these google images:…

12PM PDT: Red Hollow’s Victorian Luncheon- Step into Red Hollow’s Victorian Parlour for a luncheon like you’ve never experienced before. Don’t worry, we serve the finest of teas throughout history.

1PM PDT: Steampunk Fashion Show- Allow us to introduce you to Red Hollow’s world famous fashion designer, Baroness C. Roan Charley. She has joined us today to offer her critiques and style tips on our Steampunk fashions. We want to see what you are wearing at today’s event. Whether you be wearing a virtual outfit that you “borrowed” from the internet or you are dressed in your own steampunk attire, each attendee is welcome to join this virtual fashion show. In the COMMENT section of this post, share photos of what you are wearing.

2PM PDT: Red Hollow’s government representative, Lord S. Farrell Earle, has joined us for an afternoon of trivia fun. A time traveler himself, Lord Earle is best known for the time he spent with Jules Verne and H. G. Wells offering them insider insight into both the future and the past. He thought he would share with us some Steampunk trivia to see how much we know on the subject. The attendee with the most correct answers will win a prize! At 5pm today, we’ll be awarding our winner! How to play: In the COMMENT section of THIS post ONLY, Ruby RedHat will be asking questions on behalf of Lord Earle. Anyone who answers questions OUTSIDE OF THIS POST will not be considered for the prize. You are invited to give it your best answer, but be quick! Some of these attendees are trivia buffs! Ruby will share who the winner is within the COMMENT section. Once the correct answer is given, she’ll ask the next question within the thread.

3PM PDT: Red Hollow’s World Famous Steampunk Carousel- Stroll with Lord Earle to the town’s amusement park and take a ride on the carousel. Listen to the familiar fairground organ as it plays the tunes of old. Are you riding a horse or a sea creature? Show us what animal or sea creature you’ve chosen. Use the COMMENT section below to post your image you’ve “borrowed” from the internet.

 4PM PDT: There are plenty of Steampunk inspired games to play. Some that come to mind are “Battle Croquet” and “Fling-A-Familiar,” but this afternoon, we’ll play the ultimate of Steampunk games that just so happens to be right up a Hatter’s alley! Help us build the world’s tallest hatstack. Simply put, it’s our virtual hats stacked one on top of the other within our post. How to play: Find your favorite Steampunk inspired hat on the internet or take a picture of your own and add the photo to the COMMENT section of this post. The virtual record for the most virtual hats creating a hatstack is 150. Can we beat the record within the hour? Find as many hats as you want and keep adding them until the end of the hour.

5PM PDT: Last Call to board our time machine bound for September 15, 2016. Who’s coming along? Who has found their new life’s journey? But, before we close the door on our time machine, We’ll end our time together by announcing the winners of today’s adventure in the COMMENT section of this post. The categories are:

1. Most Creative Steampunk inspired artifact
2. Most correct answers during the trivia hour
3. Person who posts the most hats in the hatstack
Not a member of the Red Hat Society? There's only one, join the fun!
You are invited to join your Red (and Pink) Hat Sisters for an experience of a lifetime, where joy, laughter and the electricity of fun and friendship reign supreme in the city that never sleeps!  Let this serve as your official invitation to the Red Hat Society's 2017 Hats in the City International Convention in New York, New York.

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