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How much stuff do you need? How much stuff actually makes you happier? We know stuff adversely affects our environment BUT, collectively, small lifestyle changes can make a HUGE impact on the environment – and your life. Are you looking for happiness and health? It turns out, what’s good for the environment is also good for you.

I began questioning a materialistic lifestyle when I read “No Impact Man, The Adventures of a Guilty Liberal Who Attempts to Save the Planet. “In 2009, New York City resident, Colin Beavan, documented his attempt to live without making any net impact on the environment- not only in this book but also a sensational documentary film. He did his best to create NO trash (which meant, NO take-out food), to cause NO carbon dioxide emissions (NO driving or flying), to pour NO toxins in the water system (NO laundry detergent), buy NO produce from distant lands (NO kiwis from New Zealand). There would be NO elevators, NO subway, NO products in packaging, NO plastics, NO air conditioning, NO TV, NO buying anything new in this lifestyle experiment. Sound extreme? It was meant to be.

 Of course, I’m not suggesting you need to go to Mr. Beavan’s extremes; HOWEVER, there are four simple things you can do to make less impact on the environment.

First and foremost, BUY LESS – instead of instantly going to buy something, make it a habit to sit with the idea for a day or two to see if you can live without it. Less Stuff = More Time. The biggest eater of time is simply “stuff”. The more stuff you own – and the fancier the stuff – the more time is spent to get it, maintain it and dispose of it properly. Voluntary Simplicity is where it is at — IF you want more time to enjoy life! 

 (Hatters love to collect stuff but it’s also fun to up-cycle your extras.  Learn “How to Host a Shop ‘N Swap” in the latest Red Hatter Matters online magazine, a Member benefit.  Use this link to view:

 Second, compost your food ‘trash’.  Ben and I have a compost tumbler on our patio. Once a year, I buy a small container of red wigglers to help with the break down. We love our worms! We thank them every day for giving us beautiful nutrient dense top-soil for our garden.

 Third, Say No To Plastic Bags! If you buy something that might leak and you absolutely must use one, get only ONE!

And finally, get a Pedometer! You’ll walk more. There’s nothing magical about this. When you track your steps, you will walk more and use your vehicle less. The bottom line is: you’ll be healthier, and the air will be just a little less emission-filled.

In 2014, I took on a personal challenge to wear one little purple dress for 30-days. Yes, I had a twin-little purple dress … one to wear, one to wash. I reinvented MLPD with accessories I had in my closet. If I bought anything, it was from a thrift shop. Check out my YouTube video: MLPD-my little purple dress.  It was such a fun project that I went 150-days in my little purple dress.

Saving our planet’s precious resources is up to each and every one of us.  Live a lifestyle that supports environmental sustainability. You don’t have to be an environmental geek. You don’t even have to be a long-haired hippie or a tree-hugger. Just, start small, be consistent, conscientious and compassionate. Change yourself, and you can change the world.

Compliments of Queen Sunny of the Fit ‘N Fabulous Chapter of the Red Hat Society.
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