Wednesday, September 14, 2016


 Achieving Balance

You can resist change or embrace it. Either way, change is not going away.
·        Change Happens – By noticing small changes early on you adapt to the bigger changes that are yet to come.

·        You Can Anticipate Change – Ever hear the expression “The handwriting is on the wall”?

·        You have to monitor AND adapt to change quickly.

·        You Must Change – If you don’t change, you can become extinct.

·        Enjoy Change!  Be ready to change quickly and enjoy it again & again.  Always, ask yourself: Is this the end or is it a new beginning?

YES, change will happen, so might as well embrace it!!

How can you achieve the balance necessary to keep a level head and a healthy attitude amidst all this change? Learn how to effectively handle the stresses of change. After all, the better you are at handling stress, the better off you will be. 

 Here’s what I do to keep a level head and a healthy attitude amidst all this change. I walk. I walk 10,000 steps every single day, rain or shine. By walking consistently and mindfully, you can achieve the mental, emotional and physical well-being for coping with life’s stresses.

 I prefer to walk outside and commune with Nature. BUT, what if you can’t walk outside? No problem. Did you know there are walking DVDs? DVDs by Leslie Sansone are my Plan B when I can’t get outside. Leslie Sansone is my go-to gal when the weather is not cooperating.

 Walking is a stress buster. Walking improves your immune system. Walking can lower your high blood pressure. Walking releases endorphins – those natural feel good hormones. Walking is anti-aging. Walking improves your circulation so that your skin glows. Walking is FREE!

AND, what if you don’t have time to walk for an hour? You can break it up … walk 20 minutes three times during your day. If you walk 20 minutes after each meal, you’ll be helping your body digest your food.
I challenge you to stop making excuses and start moving. You’ll be glad you did. Remember, a Fit Hatter is a Healthy, Happy Hatter.

Complements of Red Hat Society’s Queen Sunny Mathews, Fabulous Fitness Facilitator of the Fit ‘n Fabulous Virtual Online Group.  Click here to learn more about this group.  

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