Thursday, August 18, 2016

There was a time in Recent history where dessert was not given its proper due and the world politely waited for their dessert - understanding that it was supposed to be done AFTER the meal!  It was a dull and dreary time in history until the women of The Red Hat Society came along!  There trail blazers lived for the joy in all aspects of life!  They knew the symbolism behind eating their dessert first.  Although the dessert was tasty, EATING DESSERT FIRST MEANT THAT THEY WERE LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST AND NOT WAITING TO ENJOY THE FUN IT HAD TO OFFER!

The merry band of Sisters vowed that they would never stop spreading the joy of Fun, Friendship, Freedom, Fulfillment and Fitness with women everywhere.  And thus, as a salute to their belief in the enjoyment of life they would rise and shout "Remember the a la mode!" and proudly partake of their favorite dessert.

At the International convention being held in San Antonio, Texas, we'll pay tribute to these Sisters and proudly eat our dessert first at each gathering.

Not a member of the Red Hat Society? There's only one, join the fun!

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