Thursday, August 25, 2016

Guest Blog- Lady Gayle of The Tea House Times - Red Hat Socie-TEA Break

Dear Red Hat Society Members,

If you missed my first post, please find it here: Help Us Form a Socie-TEA!! I’m guest blogging here once every two months and look forward to connecting with you as we sit back and enjoy a little tea break together.

Knowing that Red Hat Society members are having fun all around the world, it is exciting to note that August 8-14, 2016 was Afternoon Tea Week in UK! It was their Sixth celebratory week to focus entirely on afternoon tea. What could possibly be more exciting than that? I sure wish I were in London while this was happening. From picnic teas to sophisticated afternoon tea in elegant hotels and awards, special events, and other excitement, it must have been a blast. If you are were able to enjoy any part of it, pop me an email. I’d love to hear all about it! –Or- Tell me what you love about tea, the beverage (hot or iced), or how you feel about getting together with friends over afternoon tea. Hopefully, you may place a comment below this blog post as well. 

In honor of Afternoon Tea Week, let’s go over a few more tea tips I had shared during the RHS Virtual Mad Hatter’s Tea Party held on Facebook in March, 2015:

Anna Maria Stanhope (Russell), Duchess of Bedford (1783-1857) is said to have experienced a “sinking feeling” in the afternoons while awaiting the late evening mealtime, so she ordered her servants to bring snacks of small cakes, biscuits and bread with butter accompanied by tea. – Anna was a life-long friend of Queen Victoria and between 1841 and 1847 served as a Lady of the Bedchamber and introduced Afternoon Tea to the Queen. 

AFTERNOON TEA BECAME VERY POPULAR DURING QUEEN VICTORIA’S REIGN Afternoon Tea became very popular in England during Queen Victoria’s Reign of 63 years (1837-1901).


HIGH TEA VS LOW TEA (Afternoon Tea)
Traditionally, a low tea, also referred to as afternoon tea, is taken at a low table such as a sofa table in the parlor – at the typical hour of tea time 3-5 pm.  Low Tea or Afternoon Tea includes finger sandwiches, scones, sweets, and tea. High Tea is actually more of a supper time meal, taken at a high table but also includes tea.

Until next time, enjoy your tea and help me form a SocieTea of good friends and companions across the globe that enjoy making tea a part of a healthy, fun and friendly lifestyle. Be sure to check your Friday Broadcast email once every two months where all members receive a free digital copy of the most recent issue of The Tea House Times publication!

Gail Gastelu (aka Lady Gayle to my Red Hat friends), owner/publisher of The Tea House Times

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