Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Greetings RHS Blogsters,

Queen/Ambassador Sunny Mathews, here. I am Queen of a local lunch-bunch chapter, The Glitterati, in Jacksonville, FL USA, and I do enjoy getting together with my Chapterettes each month. However, for many years, I felt I was missing something. I needed to connect with Hatters who share my values when it comes to fitness. When I asked Hatquarters if I could be Queen of two chapters, there was a resounding YES! Starting a spin-off Chapter and using social media as my meeting ground was the ticket. Thus, Fit ‘n Fabulous was born. Members of Fit ‘n Fabulous meet and greet in a private Facebook group. As administrator of the group site, I make sure all members are RHS Supporting Members.

Chartering Fit ‘n Fabulous was my way of moving fitness up the ranks in the mission statement of the RHS. Fun, friendship, fulfillment and freedom all fall into place when fitness comes first. Fit ‘n Fabulous was one of the first virtual, spin-off Chapters of the RHS. Who knew that connecting via Facebook would bond a group of Members interested in fitness. In 2012, there were 33 members from 18 states, Germany and Canada. Today, we are a group of over 400 members from almost every state and have added Japan and Australia to our international list. Members are finding the Facebook link to request to join the group in the Friday Broadcast and on the QMB forum, Fitness, Wellness Tips.

Fit ‘n Fabulous Pink and Red hatters make health and exercise a priority in their lives. The focus isn’t just on losing weight, though the pounds melting away is certainly a bonus. The focus is on being active and participating in life-supporting activities. The goal is to maintain functionality – being able to lift, push, pull, bend, sit, stand, reach, and balance with confidence and strength. I often say: “A fit Hatter is a healthy happy Hatter.”

Each morning, I post an Exercise of the Day, courtesy of SparkPeople.com, to give Members ideas for exercises and stretches they can do at home or at a gym. The Members also post fun and interesting ideas from other sources. Every so often, we engage in Fitness Challenges. Once we did a 30-day Fiber-challenge. We learned how to incorporate more fiber in our diet. We also did a very challenging Plank-challenge where we increased our plank holds in a variety of positions. One of our Canadian members led us through a couple of fun Beach-Body challenges. The Members give each other lots of encouragement and kudos for all their accomplishments … no matter how big or small. The Fit ‘n Fabulous girls participate in a wide range of activities: dancing (clogging and Zumba), water aerobics, tai chi, yoga, bicycling, running. Some workout in a gym and others take classes; some use exercise DVDs at home. Many share pictures from their walks. It’s as if we are walking together in such beautiful settings from around the world. The bottom line is everyone of us is Staying Active Every Day!

Check us out at www.facebook.com/groups/RHSfit.fabulous. If you have the desire, dedication and determination to put more activity in your daily life, then request to join Fit ‘n Fabulous. You will be glad that you did!

Not a member of the Red Hat Society? There's only one, join the fun!

You are invited to join your Red (and Pink) Hat Sisters for an experience of a lifetime, where joy, laughter and the electricity of fun and friendship reign supreme in the city that never sleeps!  Let this serve as your official invitation to the Red Hat Society's 2017 Hats in the City 
International Convention in New York, New York.

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