Tuesday, August 9, 2016

6 Tips for Better Public Speaking

1. Breathe! The air in your body must go from your lower belly into your
lungs past your vocal folds into the middle of your head for complete
circulation and energy.

2. Keep your ribs up. For maximum power, keep your ribs up and
expanded. Don't allow your ribs and chest to collapse during exhalation
(they will want to).

3. Think of forward motion. When you open your mouth imagine sound, air,
energy, and your unique message going out into the world.

4. Keep your feet slightly apart for grounding and proper balance.

5. Do stretches and warm-ups for face, body and voice before speaking.

6. Ideally before speaking walk briskly with arms swinging freely for a few
minutes. This allows energy to flow more evenly throughout your body and
quiets any butterflies or self-consciousness.

By Dr. Miluna Fausch, HHCP, Ph.D., Public Speaking, LinkedIn

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