Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Express Your Creativity

It is a very sad thing to hear any person utter the words, "I'm just not creative." The best answer to that is, frankly, "Nonsense!" People who say this are usually thinking that only those who write music, paint, dance or work in "the arts" are, by definition, "creative." My dictionary defines creativity as "cleverness, innovativeness, originality, ingeniousness, or just causing or producing something." Now which of you hasn't done at least some of that?

Creativity involves, besides skill, a certain degree of innovation. Anyone who alters a recipe from a cookbook to suit her own tastes is demonstrating creativity. And, believe me, I know that a great many of my Red Hat Society friends are highly skilled – and creative – cooks. Anyone who comes up with a new (even slightly new) way to sew a piece of clothing, or rearranges her furniture, or figures out how to entertain a toddler for more than five minutes is certainly demonstrating creativity. I can't think of anything more creative than raising a family or figuring out how to make a home inviting and attractive. How about decorating for Christmas or planting flowers in your yard? That's nothing if not creative. Look around you and you will see plenty of areas in which you have already demonstrated your creativity.

Children who build a "fort" out of a card table and blankets may not be the first ever to think of doing that, but they don’t know that it's been done before; it's new to them. Children haven't yet developed their inner critics, the ones who tell them that there’s nothing new under the sun and that they are not creative geniuses. They just enjoy the process.

If you can find a way to bind and gag your own inner critic and just have fun trying new ideas, you will be well on your way to enjoying life more. Take your cue from the children in your lives. As they say, "Just do it!"

In friendship,

Sue Ellen, Exalted Queen Mother

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