Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Imagine how a song, a dance or a silly joke might brighten your day.

Envision how rewarding it might be to be the one who creates a smile or two.

Mary Stopa, Queen of the Lilies of the Valley, Henderson, Nevada, USA,  has made that possibility a reality and as a result, her Red Hat Society Chapter is thoroughly enjoying themselves! 

Mary loves to sing so much that she put together (with the other talented ladies from her Chapter,) a program of singing, dancing and jokes. They take their one hour show on the road to a different nursing home every month to entertain the lucky residents. Even the staff gets in the fun! Sometimes, the ladies in the audience get in the action and borrow red hats to wear while enjoying the performance!

There are usually at least a dozen "Lilies" on board to sing and line dance while some just mingle, laugh and talk with the residents who just love them! It's a toss-up in regards to who feels happier from these visits; the residents or the Hatters. We do know that for this Chapter, it is indeed rewarding to know that you have used your talents to put a smile on someone's face and brightened their day.

Not a member of the Red Hat Society? There's only one, join the fun!

You are invited to join your Red (and Pink) Hat Sisters for an experience of a lifetime, where joy, laughter and the electricity of fun and friendship reign supreme in the city that never sleeps!  Let this serve as your official invitation to the Red Hat Society's 2017 Hats in the City International Convention in New York, New York.

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