Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Find Your Tribe

If you feel lonely, or misunderstood by your current group of friends or partner, then it’s time to find your “tribe.”

Your tribe consists of like-minded people who understand you. They can be friends, business partners, your romantic partner or even Members of the Red Hat Society. They are gentle and respectful to you, and would never make fun of you. For that reason, you feel comfortable being yourself around your tribe members.

When you’re with your tribe (RHS Group), there’s no shame or embarrassment about yourself, because they support your positive healthy dreams and actions. They love you as you are, and they help you to be an even better version of your true self. There’s no need to pretend, or try to please. Your tribe enjoys being with you, especially the more that you are your authentic self.

1. Be yourself. The only way to find your tribe is to be your authentic self when you’re with other people and trust in the law of attraction. Your tribe will enjoy and love the genuine YOU, not some counterfeit version that you put on publicly. So, relax and stop trying so hard to please others or make them like you.

2. Be charitable. The social and environmental issues that are dear to you, are also dear to your tribe members. So, join a local charity dedicated to supporting this cause. You’ll meet lots of caring people, who put their principles into action.
3. Say hello from your heart. Once you attend these meetings and groups, have the courage to introduce yourself and talk. To turn acquaintances into friends or a romantic partner, there needs to be an energy exchange and conversation. So, speak from your heart, and be sure to give space for listening to the other person, too.
4. Become a joiner. You can find like-minded people at places dedicated to activities that you naturally enjoy. Doing activities that you love with other people creates a bond of shared experiences.

Life is too short to spend it with people who drain your energy, or who have little in common with you. Put your time and focus into building relationships that are mutually supportive with people you can count upon. 

(Excerpt from writings of Doreen Virtue)

Not a Member of the Red Hat Society?  There's only one, join the fun!

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