Friday, May 13, 2016

Guest Blogger - Make a Sinamay Rose Fascinator with HATalk e-magazine

As the Editor of HATalk e-magazine I love that I get to spend so much time talking about, looking at and wearing hats – they are so much fun!

I hope that you enjoyed my overview of some of the main hat making materials last month. Different kinds of hats are made in different ways. The simplest kind to make are fascinators – small headpieces that really don’t require any special equipment.

I know that many of you are already expert crafters and are very eager to get busy making a hat so I wanted to share a great millinery tutorial for you to get started with…

What You Will Need:

1. A roll of sinamay ribbon (approx. 5 yards in length).  sinamay ribbon can be purchased from floristry supply shops or craft stores.
2. A needle
3. Matching thread

1) Unwrap the roll and fold the corner over at right angles to the length.
2) Turn the roll over and fold again.
3) Turn the foll over again and fold once more.
4) Continue this process, turning and folding. As you do, a square shape will begin to form.
5) Keep turning and folding until you have used the entire roll.
6) In the centre of the square, where the edges of the ribbon cross beside each other, there is a hole. You may have to lift the layers gently to get your finger through – just be careful not to lose the shape you have formed.
7) Turn the square over and take hold of the point which you formed as you created the first fold. Poke it down through the hole and pull approximately two inches (5cm) through.
8) As it pulls through, this folded ‘tail’ will form a twist at the centre of the other side. Take hold of this twist and twist it further round in a clockwise direction.

9) Keeping hold of the base of the shape (where you finished folding), continue to twist until all the squares have moved round a little and have magically begun to look like the petals of the rose.
10) Give each square corner a little twist to add interest to the petals and stitch through several layers of the sinamay ‘tail’ underneath to make sure that the rose holds its shape and doesn’t unravel. Cut off any excess sinamay, neaten the last fold and stitch it in place as well.

You can sew the rose directly onto a hair band or attach it to a comb and you have got yourself a fabulous sinamay fascinator. Or, you can use it to decorate one of your hats if you prefer.

This tutorial was originally featured in HATalk e-magazine Issue 41. For hundreds more great hat making projects, subscribe to HATalk e-magazine today! Red Hat Society Members get an amazing 70% off the normal subscription price. Sign up now for just $19.95 a year!

Becky Weaver – HATalk Editor

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