Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bless This Red Hat - Poem by RHS Member

In a thrift store on a dusty shelf
Spotted by a gifted shopping elf
Lay a Red Hat much neglected and lone
She purchased it and took it home.

The magical Red Hat was a perfect fit
Brought to mind a poem written by a Brit
The poem and Red Hat was a novelty
“With a Red Hat that doesn’t go & doesn’t suit me.”

Oh, but that Red Hat given to a friend
Brought much joy and a new trend
Now the BIG 50 frees us for time to play
Adds a splash of color to a once dreaded day.

Bless the Red Hat for bringing joy
Freeing women like Helen of Troy
It has changed the world topsy turvy
Women of the world now being nervy.

Red Hats come in all sizes and shapes
From simple visors to touring hats with drapes
They reflect the personality of the woman beneath
Brightening her face like a Christmas wreath.

There is a magic once a Red Hat sits upon the head
Woes & worries are quickly gone...just shed
Red denotes strength, determination & passion
We wear it proudly with daring & great fashion.

Under the brim of the Red chapeau
Anger, aches & pains magically go
Red Hats keep brain cells firmly in place
No “senior moments” in this life’s race.

Red Hats are popping up all over the globe
Varying the style of a Red Hatted wardrobe
From the US to far off Malaysia
Bermuda, China & Australia.

That little Red Hat in the corner of the Shoppe
Is causing much wisdom, like the fables of Aesop
Displaying the creativity of its owner so clever.
A gift of a Red Hat means friendship forever.

Bless this Red Hat for the joy it doth bring
Bless this Red Hat which gives a freedom fling
Bless this Red Hat causing comradery & daring
Bless this Red Hat that makes our heart sing.

© 2006 Barbara Witzell, Queen RazZ
RazZmaTazZ Chapter
San Diego, CA USA

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