Thursday, March 17, 2016

Guest Blogger: Cheryl Wilson- Stewart - FEARLESS WOMEN SAY THIS

Fearless women say....are you ready?

There it is.
Ok (confession) ……WOW is one of my favorite words.
I say WOW a lot.
Sometimes I wonder if expanding my vocabulary is in order. But honestly I’ve never found a better word. WOW means…. took my breath away, my heart is beating faster, I’m (almost) speechless, I’m awestruck, amazed, astonished, astounded, stunned, impressed, surprised, wonder struck.
WOW splashes the eyes with twinkle and prompts a lift and a brightening (bonus). WOW firmly situates the WOW-er in the present moment. WOW instantly ensures all cylinders are firing.
That’s pretty amazing for such a pint size word.
Good value too.
What are you WOW’d by? I can be WOW’d by what people create, say, think and do.  Generosity, beauty, kindness, humor, gentleness, sweetness, innocence, humility, the strength and resiliency of the human spirit, faith, love, surprise and wonder.
I’m more than a little surprised that Miriam Webster hardly gives it a notice.
Wow n: a striking success
Wow vb:  to arouse enthusiastic approval
That’s it???
OK... so where's the fearless part I alluded to you’re asking.
The thing about WOW is that it’s REAL. It’s a spontaneous and authentic response to a situation.  We don’t stop and think before we say WOW it just slips out unedited.  Combine WOW with how it's said and bingo true feelings are unmasked in an instant. That’s what makes the WOW-er fearless.  The WOW-er allows herself to be fully exposed, her truth, for all to hear is broadcast in the clearest and simplest of ways.
When I was recently creating a vision board WOW kept wafting through my thoughts. I ignored it.  Then it came to me.
I want more WOW’s!
I want to live Life Part 2 fully and deeply. I want to be real, exposed, unedited and spontaneous. I want to live life in-the-moment. I want to be FEARLESS! That not only means WOW stays as a high ranking member of my vocabulary but I'm looking for more applications. Here's what I really want to do.....
 I want to inspire A Life of WOW’s!
WOW’S in the form of:
New ideas – WOW what a concept…
New understanding -WOW I hadn’t thought of it that way…
New places – WOW I’ve never seen anything like this…
New experiences – WOW that makes my heart beat faster
New people – WOW you teach me…show me another way…warm my heart…touch my soul…make me think….make me feel like I belong.
 “Life is not measured by the number of breathes we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” — Maya Angelou

Cheryl Wilson-Stewart is the founder of Red Shoe Zone blog. She writes about fearlessly (re)discovering herself at mid life.

She likes red shoes and red hats.

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