Thursday, February 25, 2016

RHS Roaring 20's Virtual Facebook Party

In honor of International Women's Day, the RHS will hold this virtual roaring 20's party! Queens, Supporting Members and the general public are invited to step into our virtual 20's world of FUN and experience just how exciting playing with the RHS can be! All are invited to share this group with their friends. The more the merrier. 

This timing allows women from around the world to jump in for as long as they would like. Our world of Hatting gets a bit smaller. New to RHS? Looking for a new fun way to play? Been thinking about joining but wanted to get to know what it was all about first? This virtual party will satisfy all of those individuals. Let the party begin! 

Here's the skinny: Keep watching as Ruby posts an official agenda for the day of the event. Every hour, on the hour, she will pin a new post. One of the Hatquarters team usually comes behind her and announces to everyone that they need to refresh their page and find the latest post. The agendas are fun and do change from event to event. We've found that many Hatters plan IN PERSON parties with their friends and post pics in real time, while still others find photos online that represent how they would be playing in our "virtual world."

9AM PDT: Introductions! What kind of party would we be hosting if we didn’t let everyone get to know one another? Okay all you dapper dames, chime in and tell us about yourself. Who are you, why have you joined us today and are you an RHS Member (yet)? If you are new to RHS, we want to be the first to welcome you to the party! We’ll use the COMMENT section of this particular post to share our answers.

10AM PDT: This Speakeasy needs to be decorated! Let’s set the mood for a 20’s party we’ll never forget! If you are new to a virtual party, all you need to do is find your favorite 20’s themed party image online and share it in the COMMENT section of the post. If you are hosting a LIVE party today and want to post those photos of how you’ve decorated, we want to see those, too!

11AM PDT: Roaring 20’s Trivia Time-Join us for this hour of 20’s inspired trivia. The attendee with the most correct answers will win a prize! At 5pm today, we’ll be awarding our winner! How to play: In the COMMENT section of the 11AM post, Ruby RedHat will be asking questions. You are invited to give it your best answer, but be quick! Some of these attendees are trivia buffs! Ruby will share who the winner is within the COMMENT section. Once the correct answer is given, she’ll ask the next question within the thread.

12PM PDT: Time for our Luncheon! F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby painted a beautiful picture of what a 20’s style feast would look like. “On buffet tables, garnished with glistening hors-d’oeuvre, spiced baked hams crowded against salads of harlequin designs and pastry pigs and turkeys bewitched to a dark gold.” What will we be dining on? In the COMMENT section of the post, share your photos of what we’ll be enjoying! Whether they be images you plucked from the internet or snapped at a luncheon you are partaking in, all are welcome and we can’t wait to see them!

1PM PDT: Roaring 20’s Fashion Show! All guests are invited to join us for an hour of fashion and frolick! In the COMMENT section of this post, post a photo of you in your best 20’s attire. That placement automatically enters you in the contest to win a prize at the end of our party!

2PM PDT: Dancing and all that Jazz Dance Party

3PM PDT: RHS Virtual 20’s Photo booth. We want to see your best 20’s themed photo booth props. We’ve got the photo booth ready for you! You’ll want to start downloading your favorite photo props now from the internet or create them from scratch, then snap a pic. There will be a prize for the best photo prop image posted in the COMMENT section of this post.

4PM PDT: Dazzling Dames with Decadent Desserts. No party is complete without enjoying our dessert! Let’s share with one another what decadent desserts we’ll be enjoying this afternoon. Share photos in the COMMENT section of this post. Yum!

5PM PDT: Firework Finale! We’ll end our party with a huge firework show and announce the winners from the party in the COMMENT section of this post. The categories are: 

1. Most correct answers during the trivia hour

2. Best Dressed
3. Best Photo Booth Prop Photo

Not a Member of the Red Hat Society?  There's only one, join the fun!

Ready to attend the greatest, most joyful event for women in the world?  Let this serve as your official invitation to Eat Dessert First at the Red Hat Society's 2016 Remember the a la Mode International Convention in San Antonio, Texas. 

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