Thursday, January 14, 2016

Red Hatters - What we don't do!

I have the genuine privilege of communicating with all Red and Pink Hatters in every single Friday Broadcast. I truly enjoy doing that, but once in a while, I come across something written by someone else that says the very thing that needs saying. When I do, I share it – and, of course – I give full credit to the writer; in this case she is Hatter Queen Vonda of Destiny's Divas (O'Fallon, MO).   Here is a recent post of hers from the RHS website that warmed my heart. I hope it warms yours too (especially those of you enduring the winter of the eastern U.S., Canada and Europe, where it gets COLD.)

“Dear Sue Ellen Cooper; I want to thank you for the privilege of wearing a Red Hat. Recently I was in Chicago as a Red Hat pirate and people took pictures with me, little children laughed when I walked by and I sailed on a ship with many other Pirates. Women stopped me and said, ‘What do Red Hatters do?’  I told them I prefer to tell them what we don't do. We don't sit at home by ourselves feeling sad, we don't worry that we might be different when we dress for an event, we embrace it! We don't walk down a street feeling invisible, people notice us and act as if we are visiting royalty. We don't stop using our imagination, we use it to come up with different ways to have fun. We don't dwell on our health problems, we turn our wheelchairs into race cars, our canes into swords, our woes into love that we pass from Sister to Sister letting them know that everyone of us is united by red and purple. So again, thank you, for some of the most wonderful people that ever came into a person’s life.”

Doesn’t this put the Red Hat Society experience and philosophy neatly into a nutshell? I think it does. And Vonda’s last sentence expresses gratitude for all everyone in the Society!

I’d like to take this opportunity to add my gratitude to Vonda’s. You ladies ROCK! Together we will make 2016 our best year yet!

In friendship,
EQM Sue Ellen Cooper, Founder of the Red Hat Society

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