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Red Hatters tend to be talented, resourceful and creative women.  If you have any doubts about this, spend some time browsing through the RHS website, specifically the topics on the QMB (Queen and Member Board), the place to put your finger on the pulse of the RHS itself.  And I can prove my point beautifully by quoting a fabulous recent post (very slightly edited for brevity's sake) comparing the Queen and Member Board itself to a big house:

"I see it like a huge, rambling Victorian. A 'painted lady' of the finest kind with wide halls, warm fireplaces, cool, pleasant porches, window seats in towers and big expansive rooms with pocket doors that can make space to hold lots of QMBers at one time. There are still plenty of those cozy little rooms and hidden nooks that you can easily miss if you aren't careful.  There are rooms for almost every reason you can imagine.

Every morning while still in my jammies, I grab a cuppa and zip across a lawn that's still dewy and cool (please wipe your feet) to slip into that big house thru the side door.
That's the door marked Active Topics. That way I don't miss anything that was said about me while I was asleep.  And I don't waste time opening doors to empty rooms.

The first place I usually head is The Chapel because we all know that scary things happen at night.  It says Spiritual, Inspirational, Prayer Requests on the door. It's a quiet room but I've never gone in there with a prayer request and found it empty.  There always seems to be a Sister handy to pray with or for you, your loved ones or someone else in need.

Then I usually head back to the front of the house and start 'prowling the halls' to see who is around and what's happening.
I always stop by the Events Calendar in the main hall. Only way I can keep track of who, what, when, where and where?
I usually stop by all the big Event rooms to see what's being planned but I don't say much unless I'm going too. Then I like to make sure I join in the short meetings and planning sessions. Talking about the anticipated event just makes it all the more fun when I get there.  Of course, I am always popping in and out of the QMB Reunion room, teasing everyone about this event.

Right thru that side door is a cute little room that Sue Ellen turned into a gallery of sorts and there are always lots of photos of Sisters and their events on display.  I love to just wander the room enjoying the pictures. (Sometimes I even see myself!)  Over in the corner is a large basket for items lost or found at Red Hat Society events.

I slip into the front reception room for new members and usually find Jet there making everyone feel welcome. The questions just fly around the room. I love to watch the new Hatters enjoying the QMB.
Take a left and there is a large room down another wide hallway called The Comedy Club. Lots of hi-jinks going on in there 24/7. No cover charge, no minimum and no dress code. BYOB.

Directly across the hall is another very large room. High ceilings with wide windows letting in lots of sunlight make it an inviting spot for a good natter. Big comfy couches and chairs, rockers and lounges, and a huge wraparound porch leading down to the gardens and then ultimately to the beach. The sign over that door reads Hatters Chatter and Wow! Do we ever.
You'll find discussions going on about everything from the weather to windows, from squirrels to shoe sizes. Always something being said to give you pause to think or just have a good time.

Making my way through all the rooms I find Sisters in the Library having a discussion about a current best seller and the newest Hollywood release. The hum and glow coming from the computer lab tells me someone is posting a new photo. The room with Quiet Please! on the door is the Writers Workshop. There's even a room labeled "It's All About Me!" (Milestones and Accomplishments)

Lately several Sisters can be found in the kitchen. The good smells coming from that room will make your mouth water. Seems like someone is always trying out a new healthy twist on an old over-loaded recipe or else passing out samples of some gooey concoction. Either way it's always a treat.

I love the Arts and Crafts Room. Big tables to spread out your work, shelves full of all the materials needed for scrapbooking, card making, hat making and decorating, gifts and give-aways, decorations and centerpieces and so much more.  And always a Sister or two to help.
Watch out!! That glue gun is hot!

Oh yes! There is a First Aid and Safety room too.

Right by the back door is a large electronic world map mounted on the wall at just the perfect height for us shorties. Push the lighted button for the state or country you are interested in and you'll be able to find out what's happening at home with our Sisters when they aren't here at The House.

There are more rooms than I can list and I enjoy every one of them. Now that I'm retired I zip next door much more often.

Oh sure, sometimes I might hear raised voices over one issue or another. Sometimes it can make my visit a little uncomfortable. So I just quietly shut that door behind me and move down the hall to another room and another discussion.

I like coming in The House and finding friends scattered throughout the rooms.  I like seeing new acquaintances, listening to a different point of view or meeting someone for the first time. 
I remember the first couple of times I visited The House as a new Red Hatter.  I felt like I was invisible.  Then I got lucky and found a few friends willing to listen to a new voice and the rest is herstory.

Now I move through this huge house with the ease and familiarity of a treasured cleaning lady.


Can just anyone wander in here? No!
You have to be an official Member.
Is it free? No!
It costs a whole whopping $.06 a day for 24/7 access.

What's it really worth?
It's priceless!"

"Sin City Pat", AKA Queen Pat Hickok (Sin City Sweethearts, Las Vegas, Nevada)

Pretty creative, right?  Queen Pat has done a beautiful job of describing the experience that awaits any Red or Pink Hatter who visits the QMB and stays around long enough to get acquainted.

Excerpt from 05/30/14 Friday Broadcast Introduction by Sue Ellen Cooper

 Not a Member of the Red Hat Society?  There's only one, join the fun!

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