Tuesday, November 3, 2015


 A headline emblazoned on a recently-received magazine promised that this issue would help me organize and display my collections more effectively and attractively. Apparently there are a lot of us who enjoy collecting and displaying selected things that appeal to us personally. Among my acquaintances are those who collect teapots, matchbooks, ceramic buffalo, turtle figurines, and beautifully-illustrated children's books - just to name a few. I, myself, have a couple of dozen old chunky, brightly-colored water pitchers on high shelves all around my kitchen. Monetary value does not figure in any of the collections I know about.

Why do you suppose so many of us start collections (especially offbeat ones) in the first place? Is it just an expression of the "hunting and gathering" instinct, or do these things begin, many times, kind of by accident? Who knows? But it's undeniable that collections fill some sort of inner need for many people.

Once we have narrowed down the types of objects we collect, we can begin to experience the thrill of the "treasure hunt." It is great fun to prowl garage sales; thrift stores, etc., and pounce on the perfect addition to your collection. I once found myself clutching a royal blue (cracked) pitcher to my chest while marveling at my luck in getting to it before "all those other people" who surely wanted it desperately? It was definitely a "cat with a mouse" sensation. (Cracks don't matter; the object can be situated with the crack to the wall and no one will ever know.)

Sometimes, collections get started without the collector even noticing. My friend, Queen Jayne, has quite a number of pieces of art featuring bridges as their subject matter. A few years ago, when she and her husband moved, she finally took note of this and hung all of these pieces together in her new home. Jayne is the kind of person who holds on to her friends, who likes to bring people together. It isn't hard to see why she is drawn to images of bridges. She has spent a good part of her life bridging gaps between people.

Interesting, don't you think? That's kind of what the Red Hat Society does too. Bridging gaps is also our specialty. I hope you realize that - whether or not you have shelves of stuff - all of you Hatters have become collectors too. Since you've been a Red Hatter, you have been adding to your collection of friends, certainly within your chapter, but very likely beyond. You may have added new friends from nearby Chapters, on the QMB or Facebook links on our website, or at local or our international conventions. Of course, friends have no monetary value, do they? But they are priceless.

Excerpt from the 08/24/2012 Friday Broadcast Introduction by Sue Ellen Cooper

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