Tuesday, October 27, 2015


"Every woman eventually reaches the age when she doesn’t want any more birthdays, but still wants the presents."

I don't know who said that, but I can't help but agree with it. But, there are indeed worse things than having birthdays, and one of them is having a birthday and having all your family and friends forget it. (Fortunately, that hasn't happened to me yet.) My recent birthday was well-remembered by most of my friends and family. So, in spite of my advancing age, I feel greatly blessed.

And I did get presents, all greatly appreciated. One in particular touched me in a unique way. She is a nine-inch tall resin angel named "Gratitude." Emblazoned down the front of her dress are what appear to be randomly pasted words. But, when read all together, they comprise this message: "May we always be connected in our journeys. And may you always know how deeply you are loved, how your heart is never alone." This lovely inscription encourages me every time I look at the little figure.

But I also love her for another reason: the words in her message look like they have been cut out of magazines, somewhat randomly perhaps, and assembled. They remind me of my new love of making collages - the joy I have found in mixing fragments from here and there (magazines, my own old drawings and paintings, old books, etc.) with acrylic paint, ink, watercolor, and anything else that occurs to me. And, mixed in with all of these things, I like to glue words, sometimes in a stream of consciousness way. When I've finished some collages, even I don't know what they're "about." I just know how much I enjoyed making them.

Red Hatters love to talk about finding freedom and fulfillment, whether that involves a return to bringing old dreams to life or cultivating new enthusiasms. In making collages, I have found renewed excitement in making art and freedom, in liberating myself from the idea that every image I create has to look a certain way. The inner feeling that this has led to can only be described as fulfillment.

No, this angel isn't wearing purple and red. But, she still serves as an ever-present reminder of the beauty of Red Hat Society values. Because Diana, the person who gave her to me, is a Red Hatter! She was certainly unaware of all that this figure would symbolize to me, but this kind of thing happens among Red Hatters all the time. We call such lovely surprises "Scarlet Sparkles."
Excerpt from 08/10/2012 Friday Broadcast Introduction by Sue Ellen Cooper.

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  1. Thank you for posting this, it is a delightful reading, and brightened my day!