Wednesday, August 5, 2015


One of the wisest people we know is Ruby RedHat, our RHS mascot.  You may be familiar with her famous “Top Ten Rules for Living.”  Let’s revisit her #1 rule:  

“Accept Reality and live in the here and now.”

When asked to elaborate on this rule, Ruby said:

 “We (Red and Pink Hatters) accept life, and people, as they are.  When push comes to shove, we have to do that.  The sooner we stop wasting our energy trying to change other people or inevitable circumstances, the sooner we can expend our strength on what we want to do with rest of our lives. A large part of accepting reality is doing the best we can within the boundary of the day in which we are currently living. Among the things we can never change is our past.”

Ruby says there’s no point wasting valuable mental energy rehashing our personal histories, and she’s so right. Very smart for a little lady just 10” tall!

In her role of mascot, she is often invisible to those who don't "believe" in her, rather like Tinkerbelle in "Peter Pan." We do know that only those who have the Red Hat spirit can see her.

Do you see her?

(Excerpt and edited from EQM Sue Ellen Cooper – Friday Broadcast.)

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