Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I was recently asked how old you have to be to wear the Red Hat, and I unthinkingly answered, "Purple." While I am aware that that is not an actual age, I rather like the idea.  Just imaging how the conversation could go.

      "So," he asks,"how old are you?"

      "Purple," she answers.

      "Purple?" he says, confused, "How can your age be a color?"

     "Well," she replies, "I have reached the age of wearing purple dresses and red hats.  That's how              old I am.  After that, the actual number doesn't count."

From now on, when asked my age, I shall answer, "Purple."

(Compliments of guest blogger Red Hat Society  Ambassador Rose Louise, Vice Queen of the Absolutely Marvellous chapter, in Oshawa, ON, Canada)

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