Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Beauty Makeup artist and model Cindy Joseph’s makeup tips for Boomers

(Yes, that’s us, ladies!)

1. Use cream-based, not powder-based cosmetics on your face. Powder adds texture to skin that already has developed texture.

2. A good rule of thumb for lipstick is to find a tone that matches the inner lip or gums.

3. Women older than 50 tend to lose definition in their eyebrows. Just go with that. Don’t recreate the brows you had in your 20s.

4. This is a hard one, but do not wear any eye shadow at all (and especially no contour eye shadow in the crease because it gives the appearance of deepening the crease). A little bit of mascara is OK.

5. Tinted moisturizers don’t work. If you’re going to use a foundation to even out skin tone, find one that gives coverage but doesn’t add texture. Be willing to spend money on a foundation and take your time to experiment and find the exact right shade. Matching your skin tone exactly is critical.

We love a pro-aging philosophy that boosts self esteem. Red Hat Society’s viewpoint is that we are all in this together. Cheerfully, we apply a fresh application of lipstick and set our caps to positively reshape the way that women are viewed by today’s culture and we’re having a blast doing it!

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