Thursday, May 21, 2015

DIY card and envelope, the RHS way!

There is something so special about receiving handmade card and envelope that warm the heart!

Thank you to Platinum Princess of Panache , Queen of Southern Roots Socialites, in Fullerton, Ca for sharing her beautiful, crafty RHS handmade card and envelope.

Red Hat Society Scrapbook
Paper RHS stickers
Paper Trimmer for cutting
Craft Scoring Board
Foam Mounting Tape
Glue Stick

Before you begin decide which sheet of paper will be used for your card and which will be used for your envelope.

For the card: 

Cut a 12x12” sheet of paper 5½” across to create the card. 

Score down the middle and fold card in half to create the base of the card.

For the Envelope:

Place the folded card in the center of the 12x12” sheet to be used for the envelope making sure that all sides are even.

Score on the 3” and 9” side of the scoring board.  Turn paper 90 degrees and repeat.  This will give you the square shape in the center of the paper.  This is the shape of the card and envelope.

Cut off the four square corners.

Fold the corners of the edges inward so that they create a triangle.  Try to fold them to meet a close as possible.  Cut the triangle edges.

 Fold in the two sides of paper along the score so that they create the sides of the envelope.  Glue around the edges of the bottom of the paper and fold up to form the envelope.

Designing the Card:
Begin the design of the card by gluing a smaller layer in the center of the card.  Use a solid layer if the base of your card has a design on it.  Or begin with a printed layer if your card has a solid base.  Add a second layer (smaller than the first), with the opposite paper, printed or solid.  Use the Foam Mounting tape to add embellishments to have a 3D effect.
BEAUTIFUL and so thoughtful!

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