Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Cake Game - An oldie but goody!

The Red Hat Society sisters love to Eat Dessert First!  Everyone loves a delicious cake, but can you name them if they are disguised as something else?  This game is oldie but goody that can be played at any get together with your friends!

Play timed for 15 minutes; the most right answers within the allotted time win!

1. Found on the ocean floor
2. It's a small boy's game
3. A heavenly body
4. What you might call a little imp
5. Make the bottom the top
6. Served at breakfast
7. A mouse would like this
8. Think diamonds
9. A breakfast drink cake
10. A kind of drink
11. A kitchen measure
12. This is not tall
13. Something done in baseball
14. This one is made of fabric
15. This one is cowardly
16. This is an annual event
17. Little girls are made of this
18. Monkey would like this one
19. A calendar supplies this one
20. Something used to decorate a gift


1 sponge
2 marble
3 angel food
4 devils' food
5 upside down
6 pan or coffee
7 cheese
8 carrot
9 coffee
10 coca cola or rum
11 cup or pound
12 short
13 bundt
14 sheet or chiffon
15 yellow
16 birthday or anniversary
17 spice
18 banana
19 date
20 ribbon

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