Thursday, May 7, 2015

New Column!!! We're All Sisters Here - Unconditional Love

What does unconditional love require; perhaps a dying to self for a renewed life, forgiving someone, or forgetting something that happened so long ago you probably don't recall the circumstances of the rift. Unconditional love will release you from the pain, heartbreak, and bitterness, so you can visit the sick, help feed the hungry and homeless, write letters for someone with failing eyesight, read to a blind person, make some calls or visit a senior citizen, offer to cook, clean, or maybe fix a meal for a single mother with not enough time to process her day.  Red Hat Society sisters are capable of doing all or part of the above because they are about Fun, Friendship, Freedom, Fulfillment, and Fitness. At the end of the day reality speaks and you realize, no matter the situation that 'we're all sisters here'. Remember everyone can use some unconditional         love and some need it more than others, so be blessed as you discover all the pathways to unconditional love...June Jones.

Not a Member of the Red Hat Society?  There's Only One, Join the fun!

Ready to attend the greatest, most joyful event for women in the world?  Let this serve as your official invitation to join us in Indianapolis, Indiana for the 2015 International Convention.

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