Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Small Moments

This mention comes straight from the hundreds of magical moments that are created at Red Hat Society International Conventions.  It’s a straightforward tale of courage and self-confidence.  Sometimes, the opportunity to display courage surprisingly shows itself in small moments.

As this particular gathering unfolded, we had several opportunities to casually see Karol, Queen Do-It-All of Washington, USA, in action.  Karol has led a healthy sized chapter consisting of a dozen or so chapterettes for years and loves to attend our annual events.  We particularly noticed her huge smile as she greeted friends who she hadn't seen since last convention.  Hugs, laughter and the much admiring of hats were shared by all whenever she was around. Our impression was that Karol smoothly maneuvers daily social interactions with grace and ease. 

The day after the convention ended, we ran into Karol and she shared with us that what we see in her was not always the case.  Karol is shy!  She confessed that although she is well established in her career, every time she had to address her peers or employees, her stomach would quake! 

That day she was particularly proud of herself. She said that she arrived alone to breakfast that morning and saw another hatter also prepared to sit alone.  She gathered her courage, walked up to the woman’s table to ask if she could join her.  A simple interaction such as this one to some women is not so simple for Karol.  But because of the magic in her hat, her RHS gained courage and self-confidence allowed both women to make a new friend and together, enjoy unique moments in time.  Karol has successful translated what she has learned as being a Queen of the RHS into skills which enhance both her career and her social life.  She should be proud!

As Karol departed to catch her plane home, she glanced over her shoulder to fix us with a focused stare.  Her firm parting comment?!

“That wouldn't have happened without the Red Hat Society!”

Memories are there for the making!

We welcome you to learn more about us.    Come to the next Red Hat Society International Convention, the Speedway Sparkle. We’d love to see you there! Join us; you’ll be glad you did.  

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