Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Purple Alert Squad

Clever like a fox, that’s Queen Phyllis of the Red Hatcinnati Chapter.  It all started not too long ago when a special Chapterette became ill.  This Sister was the absolute spark of the Chapter!  Phyllis received a call from this Sister’s daughter asking for her help. 

She said, “Mom’s not laughing. We need a Red Hat Intervention!” 

Phyllis immediately jumped to her computer to put the word out – Purple Alert! Purple Alert! Sister Down!    And that was the first time that the Purple Alert System was activated. 
The Hatcinnaties sprung into action. They picked up dinner, gathered games to play, and descended on their dear Sister.  The Sister’s son did his part to skillfully provide a diversion as the giggling gals hid in the backyard to surprise her. This particular Sister is known for her pranks with silly string so she never expected the extent of the payback that was waiting for her in her own backyard!  They blasted her with so much silly string that she laughed for the next three hours!

Everyone in the Chapter learned the value of laughter that night and it wasn’t the last time that the Purple Alert Squad was activated.  Recently, one of their own lost her job and it became known that she was at home, sitting in her P.J.s, feeling very down in the dumps.  Quickly, the word went out and before you could blink, the Purple Alert Squad was on the move, again. 

They called after they were on their way and said that they were bringing ice cream… and lots of it!  And they told her that if she even tried to straighten her house before they got there, she wouldn’t get a bite!   Dressed in their P.J.s too, the Purple Alert Squad arrived with pints and pints of ice cream, all in different flavors! They congregated in her living room, spoons in hand, took two bites and passed the pint on until there was none.   By the end of the evening, everyone had a good laugh and although their blood sugar might have been a little high, they felt immensely better.

Laughter warms the heart! Interested in learning more about the Red Hat Society and what belonging can mean to you?   We welcome you to learn more about us.   Come to the next RHS International Convention, the Speedway Sparkle. We’d love to see you there! Join us; you’ll be glad you did.  

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