Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bling Bottle Vase

Creating a special touch and adding a little sparkle to something simple, is the Red Hat way!  Our hatters from all over the world always find creative ways in making the ordinary, extraordinary!  Such as this crafty and beautiful Bling Bottle Vase that was made by Platinum Princess of Panache, Queen of Southern Roots, in Fullerton, CA.  The vase is a fun way to decorate a table, use as décor for an event or as a vase for a flower.  It is very inexpensive and easy to make and can be done with a variety of different size bottles and colors.  Use your imagination and let the fun begin!

Wine or soda bottle (you can use glass, but for outdoor use a plastic bottle is best to avoid having broken glass)
Strip of rhinestones

Measure the bottle with the strip of rhinestone to be sure to have just enough to wrap around the bottle. Cut additional pieces the same length of the piece that was measured to use as you began to work your way up the bottle.

Add a small amount of glue to the bottle.  Working from the bottom up, line the rhinestones around the bottle.  Layer the strips until the bottle is covered.

Add a strip of rhinestone around the bottle cap.

Add you favorite flower or feather to the vase!  

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