Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Web We Weave!!!

One of the truly great advantages of being a Member of the Red Hat Society is that your Membership provides a reason to connect with like-minded women all over the world.  An amazing way that we connect is through social media.  In the first days of the Society, the private QMB (Queen and Member Board) and Chat Rooms were all the rage. We could not know then that the future would bring so many other clever options to connect with one another.  All we could do is hang on to our Hats and remain open to the possibilities.  

These days, we are on our way to developing a vital Red Hat Society Community which is composed of this Red Hat Chat Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, virtual Parties and of course, we still gather on our beloved Member-Only message board; the QMB. 

Oh, and we actually do meet in person too! 

Interested in learning more about the Red Hat Society and what belonging can mean to you?   We welcome you to learn more about us.   
Join us; you’ll be glad you did.  

Ready to attend the greatest, most joyful event for women in the world?  Let this serve as your official invitation to join us in Indianapolis, Indiana for the 
2015 International Convention, The Speedway Sparkle!!!

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