Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tea Cup and Saucer Playing Cards Hat

To the delight of 1,700 participants, Red Hat Society Hatquarters hosted a terrific Virtual Mad Hatters Tea Party on Facebook to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Alice and Wonderland.  A challenge was issued to make a hat of playing cards and this hat is the results. The creation took only a few minutes to make and was not designed to last forever.  You are encouraged to use your imagination to make it your own!

One deck of cards
Thin Head band
Pipe cleaner
Mesh material

 1. Create your “tea cup” by gathering a few cards together at an angle and staple the bottom.

2.  Continue stapling cards together until there are enough cards to form a small tea cup.

3.  Gather cards together in a circle to make you saucer.  Keep them together by stapling around the center. Tape the cup and saucer together to form the tea cup and saucer.

4.  Tape the headband to the bottom of the saucer.  Be sure to tape it so that the tea cup and saucer are sitting at an angle (and not directly on top) on the head.  Tape the pipe cleaner along the side of the tea cup to form the handle.

Add a little steam to your cup (with the mesh material). Then  have fun wearing your Tea Cup and Saucer Playing Cards Hat!

Not a Member of the Red Hat Society?  There's Only One, Join the fun!

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