Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How To Be A Queen

Someone clever once said that it’s easy to be a Queen in the Red Hat Society and that’s so true. 

A Queen in the RHS is the “Head Hat” of the group and to be one, all that needs to be done is start a Chapter.  The title is lofty but responsibilities are designed to be minimal… it’s in the Queen’s Handbook, so it must be so!   Claim your own Royal Queendom by registering a Chapter, signing up a few ladies to play with you and let the fun begin! It’s that easy. 

Special event this summer:  An official Royal Queens’ Coronation will be held at the RHS International Convention, the Speedway Sparkle in Indianapolis, IN, August 13 -16, 2015.  The ceremony will be presided over by Exalted Queen Mother Sue Ellen Cooper, Founder of the Red Hat Society, Queen Lady Bug Debra Granich and Esteemed Vice Mother Linda Murphy.   New Queens are Royally invited to attend with their court.  Be a part of herstory!

We invite you to learn more about us and the role of the Queen in the Society. Join today at www.RedHatSociety.com.

Not a Member of the Red Hat Society?  There's Only One, Join the fun!

Ready to attend the greatest, most joyful event for women in the world?  Let this serve as your official invitation to join us in Indianapolis, Indiana for the 2015 International Convention.
The Speedway Sparkle!!!!

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