Thursday, February 26, 2015

Simply Fun Heart Canvas Tote

Every lady loves a good tote.  Whether it is used to carry your groceries, your arts and crafts or Hooting around the mall it's a great way to celebrate the last few days of RHS's Heart Month with this Simply Fun Heart Canvas Tote.  It's a simple craft to share at your next gathering.  

Materials you will need:
.  ·        Card stock                                
·        Pencil or sponge
·        Scissors                                    
·        Transfer paper
·        Iron
·        Tape 
·        Paint (We chose pink, lavender, red and purple)
·        Any size Canvas tote. (We used a small one.)

How to create:
1.      Print the t-shirt transfer onto the transfer paper.  T-shirt transfers can be found on the RHS website.  Because this is the year of 'Simply Fun', we used the #RHSisSimplyFun transfer.  Follow the directions on the transfer paper to ensure that you print the transfer as a mirror image.    

Cut around the image, as close the the letters or design as possible, center and iron the transfer onto your canvas.  (Again, following the directions on the box of the transfer paper.) 

While your transfer is cooling, fold a piece of card stock in half and draw a half of a heart on the folded side.  Cut out the folded heart, making sure that your heart is even on both sides.

Place the heart in the center of your tote and over the transfer. (Tip: add tape on the back so the heart doesn't move.  Be sure not to cover your transfer with the tape.) Place your paint on a paper plate and add newspaper between your tote to prevent paint from seeping through on the other side.

With the eraser part of the pencil or a sponge, begin your design at the edge of the heart and dot paint onto the canvas working away from the edge.  Continue this pattern all around the heart, being careful not to paint over the transfer.  If you change your paint color, simply wipe the pencil eraser with a paper towel or change sponge.

Allow to dry for 24 hours.  Remove heart and carry away!

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