Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It’s Time for a Virtual Mardi Gras Party!

So, you are new to Red Hat Society and want to get a feel for the fun that can be had as a Member?  Well, look no further than Facebook today!  We’re inviting the world to join us for our first ever, Virtual Mardi Gras Party.  Members from all over the world have been joining in for a day of play.  We’ll have a parade and throw our virtual beads (yes, we’ve come up with a way to do that on social media), music, check in on Bourbon Street and share King (or should we say Queen) Cake and other Mardi Gras Musts!  Hatters who live in the New Orleans area will be giving us all a taste and education on all things Mardi Gras.  Find out who we are and how we play!  FIND YOURSELF IN THE RED HAT SOCIETY!   This is a free event and open to the public.

Ready to take the plunge and join the greatest playgroup for women in the world?  Let this serve as our personal invitation to you.


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