Thursday, February 26, 2015

Simply Fun Heart Canvas Tote

Every lady loves a good tote.  Whether it is used to carry your groceries, your arts and crafts or Hooting around the mall it's a great way to celebrate the last few days of RHS's Heart Month with this Simply Fun Heart Canvas Tote.  It's a simple craft to share at your next gathering.  

Materials you will need:
.  ·        Card stock                                
·        Pencil or sponge
·        Scissors                                    
·        Transfer paper
·        Iron
·        Tape 
·        Paint (We chose pink, lavender, red and purple)
·        Any size Canvas tote. (We used a small one.)

How to create:
1.      Print the t-shirt transfer onto the transfer paper.  T-shirt transfers can be found on the RHS website.  Because this is the year of 'Simply Fun', we used the #RHSisSimplyFun transfer.  Follow the directions on the transfer paper to ensure that you print the transfer as a mirror image.    

Cut around the image, as close the the letters or design as possible, center and iron the transfer onto your canvas.  (Again, following the directions on the box of the transfer paper.) 

While your transfer is cooling, fold a piece of card stock in half and draw a half of a heart on the folded side.  Cut out the folded heart, making sure that your heart is even on both sides.

Place the heart in the center of your tote and over the transfer. (Tip: add tape on the back so the heart doesn't move.  Be sure not to cover your transfer with the tape.) Place your paint on a paper plate and add newspaper between your tote to prevent paint from seeping through on the other side.

With the eraser part of the pencil or a sponge, begin your design at the edge of the heart and dot paint onto the canvas working away from the edge.  Continue this pattern all around the heart, being careful not to paint over the transfer.  If you change your paint color, simply wipe the pencil eraser with a paper towel or change sponge.

Allow to dry for 24 hours.  Remove heart and carry away!

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Guest Post from International Partner: HATalk e-magazine

International Partner HATalk e-magazine was involved in organizing an exciting new hat-centered event last year. Set to take place for the second time from March 26 – April 1, 2015, London Hat Week is the perfect place to get out and about with your red hat on…

Over 60 London Hat Week events took place last year, and 2015 promises even greater things, with open studios, hat making classes and workshops, a Hat Walk and many other hat related listings. This fun event would make a great outing for UK based Chapters or even an exciting foreign excursion for Hatters around the world.

To find out more about London Hat Week and how you can get involved, go to To learn more about hats and hat making from the comfort of your own home, subscribe to the monthly e-magazine HATalk for Red Hatters at the hugely discounted RHS price of $19.95 a year.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It’s Time for a Virtual Mardi Gras Party!

So, you are new to Red Hat Society and want to get a feel for the fun that can be had as a Member?  Well, look no further than Facebook today!  We’re inviting the world to join us for our first ever, Virtual Mardi Gras Party.  Members from all over the world have been joining in for a day of play.  We’ll have a parade and throw our virtual beads (yes, we’ve come up with a way to do that on social media), music, check in on Bourbon Street and share King (or should we say Queen) Cake and other Mardi Gras Musts!  Hatters who live in the New Orleans area will be giving us all a taste and education on all things Mardi Gras.  Find out who we are and how we play!  FIND YOURSELF IN THE RED HAT SOCIETY!   This is a free event and open to the public.

Ready to take the plunge and join the greatest playgroup for women in the world?  Let this serve as our personal invitation to you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sue's Corner

Most of us women could be said to be “all about heart,” don’t you think? February offers us a double opportunity to express our heartfelt love for others. It boasts two special days involving hearts, both represented by Red Hatters’ favorite color (for hats, anyway) – red!

Friday, February 6, was the “Go Red for Women” day. The American Heart Association urged all of us to wear red. (As a matter of fact, the AHA has even asked that women with newborns to put red hats on them too, so people will ask about it.) It’s a good bet that everyone who wears a lot of red is guaranteed to get a lot of attention. This presented us with a unique opportunity to help educate people about heart disease in women. According to the AHA, woeful ignorance abounds among us individuals of the fair sex regarding our chances of having a heart attack and even when we experience symptoms we may wait too long to seek help - because the signs are different in women than in men. If you haven't had a chance to review the information on the "Go Red" website, please do so today. You may save a life!

We were thrilled to see that many Hatters did participate in this special day, and they shared their pictures with us. Here are just a few of the photos we have received. We will feature a full write-up in the upcoming issue of Red Hatter Matters using all of the images that were shared on National Wear Red Day.


You don’t need me to remind you that Valentine’s Day is coming. Visit any store and you will be inundated by images of hearts and flowers – and Cupid. Those of us with significant others may receive romantic sentiments and/or gifts, which is always very nice. Many Hatters will miss that experience, for various reasons.

But we shouldn’t overlook the fact that Valentine’s Day offers all of us an excellent opportunity to celebrate our female friendships, many of which we have made through Red Hatting, in some special ways. Around Hatquarters we are pleased to observe “GALentine’s Day.” Why not make the effort to let your special girlfriends know that they are valuable to you, perhaps enumerating the qualities you most admire in them? Some of the Fabulous Founders Chapterettes have been known to send each other cute little valentines, and some of us may well do it again this year. Who among us wouldn’t have to grin if we opened such a greeting?

If you are inspired to throw a Valentine’s party for your Chapter, there are entire websites devoted to putting on such an event, featuring recipes for hors d’oeuvres and drinks, games, etc. One even suggests a viewing of “Thelma and Louise,” which could actually be a ton of fun.

Candy from a girlfriend tastes every bit as good as candy from a husband or boyfriend, by the way.
Roses are generally considered expressions of romance, but – in the symbolism of flowers – certain other flowers have meanings entirely appropriate for sending to friends. For instance, Peruvian Lilies (commonly found just about everywhere) are considered tokens of friendship and devotion; sunflowers symbolize warmth and happiness. Dark purple or blue irises are particularly appropriate for sending to Hatters: they symbolize royalty!
Remember too that the color red, to the Chinese, stands for happiness. Whip up a little happiness this month!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

DIY Valentine's Day Heart-Shaped Candy Box Hat

Just in time for Wear Red Day and Valentine's Day, we have this fabulous DIY Heart-shaped Candy Box Hat shared by Queen MotorMouth Christy of the Bodacious Benton Belles (Louisiana, United States).


The sky's the limit for this fun craft! Simply follow these instructions:

Valentine Hat from a Heart-shaped Candy Box

Find a nice heart-shaped candy box that you want to make your hat/fascinator from. It doesn't have to be fancy, because you can add plenty of embellishments to it. The plain boxes will allow your personality to shine through as you decorate it, but if you'd rather have something fancy, splurge on a satin or velvet-covered box hat has ribbons, bows, rhinestones or other additions already on it.

Once you've found your box, you will need the following:

1. A wide headband, either white or red (or pink if that's your color)
2. Hot glue gun
3. Pipe cleaners- red white or pink (It really doesn't matter, because no one will see them anyway.)
4. Two or three Valentine-themed ribbons or bows
5. Decorations for your fascinator/hat

Now, here's how to assemble it. There might be a better way, but this was the first for me, so I just winged it.

1. Take the bottom of the candy box and your headband. Put the headband on, and then take the bottom of the box and place it on your head in the spot and angle you want it to sit. You can take a small piece of tape and mark the bottom the box and the headband where they connect. (This is so you won't lose your spot when you get ready to put them together.)

2. Mark four dots at the taped area on the OUTSIDE of the bottom of the box using a Sharpie or dark pen- they should be like the four corners of a square. Be sure to account for whatever angle you want the box to sit at- such as the "point" of the heart to the left and the "bow" of the heart to right, or the "point" of the heart slightly forward, or however it is you want to sit. Keep the dot width to the approximate size of your headband. For example, if your headband is 1" wide, don't make the dots any further than 1" apart.

3. Once your dots are marked, use a pencil or a thin knitting needle to poke holes where the dots are.

4. Take one pipe cleaner and FROM THE OUTSIDE OF THE BOX poke one end through the top left hole and take the other end through the bottom right hole. This may sound confusing, but what you'll end up with is your pipe cleaners crossing over each other when you attach the headband, kind of like an X.

5. Take your headband and slide it underneath the pipe cleaners on the outside of the box bottom. Make sure you line it up so the taped “marker” is under the pipe-cleaners – that way, your headband and box bottom will fit like you wanted them to when you tried it on in the mirror and marked your spots.

6. Pull one of the pipe-cleaners TIGHT and twist the ends together to hold the headband in place. Then pull the other one tight and twist the ends together. These will hold it in place while you glue the headband and box bottom together, plus it will give extra hold to KEEP them together.

7. Once you have the headband exactly where you want it, take your hot-glue gun (you DID remember to plug it in and heat it up, didn’t you?) and squirt some glue in between the headband and the box bottom. Give that a few minutes to set.

8. Now you want to take the ribbon bows and wire and glue them to the headband under the portion of the box bottom that sits highest on the headband. This adds some interest to the area of the box bottom that will be seen when the fascinator is on. It also helps support the top part of the box bottom.

9. Now you’re ready to decorate the box TOP! Let your imagination run wild and your creative juices flow! Use rhinestones, flowers, ribbon, bows, feathers – whatever floats your boat! You can glue any jewels on with jewel or fabric glue, as hot glue doesn’t work well with them. I use Gem-Tac or Jewel-It. Don’t use Super-Glue – I did that with the large rhinestone I put on mine and it dripped and made a mess that I had to camouflage! You can also take the faux-rhinestone mesh-type ribbon and trim the outer edge of the box – it adds extra “glam”!

10. Once your box top is decorated, GLUE it to the box bottom – you don’t want it to come off at an inopportune time!

11. You can also slip a couple of red or white ostrich feathers in between the box bottom and the headband and secure them with a glob of hot-glue – the feathers will poke up from the top of the fascinator at an angle and they add a lot to the look.

These are the pictures of the smaller fascinator I made with a much smaller heart-shaped candy box:

 This craft inspired several heart hats on Facebook. Here are a few of the pictures that were shared:

If you give this craft a try, please share your pictures with us on Facebook! We can't wait to see them!