Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Social Butterfly Café- A Simply Fun Way To Gather

The Red Hat Society's theme for 2015 is "Simply Fun," and throughout the year, we are going to highlight simple and fun ways that you can play in the Red Hat Society and interact with fellow RHS Members.

This week, we would like to share a great post written by RHS Social Butterfly Joann Miller, which highlights how Hatters are using Facebook Groups to gather and share their interests. Joann is an admin of the Be A Social Butterfly Facebook Group, and she was inspired by a recent RHS New Year's Eve gathering on Facebook to share this information. Here's what she had to say:

Playing online is SIMPLY FUN, and it was a great way for a lot of Hatters to ring in the New Year. This year, Marcy LaSalle was truly living up to her title of Queen Bee as she set up a special Facebook group to celebrate New Year's Eve. 782 RHS Members gathered in this group. We shared a ton of pictures, laughter, recipes, games, and we even sang! We had various friends including a couple of husbands who tried to crash in as well.
For those who play on Facebook, groups are a great way to gather others together to foster communications. A group can be used as a daily meeting place for RHS Chapters, it may focus on a topic like crafts or it can highlight a specific event like the Sparkle Speedway. It's easy to setup your own group, and it's SIMPLY FUN!
You can also adjust te group settings to keep things private or let the world publicly view what happens in the group. The person who sets up the group as admin determines the privacy settings and who can be in the group.
One of the groups I admin is called Be A Social Butterfly, and we discuss topics such as Facebook and the many ways you can play online. The group is open to all RHS Members. It's a gathering to discuss social media and well to have SIMPLY FUN online and off. Come join the conversation!

Thanks for this great write-up, Joann! Here are a few of the images that were shared at this year's Virtual New Year's Eve Party:

The Red Hat Society has some fun events planned for 2015 that will be hosted in different Facebook groups. Look for more information about them coming soon! For now, here are some other Facebook Groups you might be interested in joining:

The Official Red Hat Society Group 

The Official 2015 Red Hat Society International Convention Group

Red Hat Crafts and Hat Decorating
Fit 'n Fabulous
Which RHS Facebook Groups do you belong to? Leave us a comment below! And if you're playing on Facebook, don't forget to LIKE the Red Hat Society's Official Facebook Page

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