Tuesday, December 16, 2014

She's the Queen of the Month!

Constance Frazier 
Dazzling Queen Divas of West Houston, The Red Hat Sosa Sisters and the Red Hat Roadrunners
Houston, Texas 

Constance Frazier was born and raised in Hanford, California.  After graduating from Hanford High School, she moved to Southern California to attend Southwest Community College.  She and her husband actually grew up together.  Apparently the early friendship stuck even after the marriage ended; Connie says she and her ex-husband remain the best of friends.
Her career began with a job with the Navy Exchange in Lemoore, California, followed by another job working for the federal government's Defense Contract Administration.  After her divorce she went to work in the Accounting Department for the Housing Authority of San Bernardino County, where she stayed for 18 years before retiring and moving to Cypress,Texas in order to be near to her son and his two children.
After living there for a short time she confessed to her former daughter-in-law that she was bored in her new environment.  Her young friend suggested that she join a Red Hat Chapter, which she did.  After a time that Chapter went out of existence, leaving Constance high and dry.  Rather than give up Hatting, she followed her former Queen's advice and started her own Chapter – and now she reigns over three!  She says she never expected to find herself in the position of running not one, but three Chapters – in three different locations, "but here I am, keeping up with all three."  She reigns benevolently over the Dazzling Queen Divas of West Houston, The Red Hat Sosa Sisters and the Red Hat Roadrunners, all in the general Houston area.
Constance has derived some wonderful benefits from her RHS membership.  She says, "I have enjoyed the sisterhood and sharing, laughing and sometimes crying and just being with a bunch of wonderful ladies."  Her favorite project is putting on an event in the Houston area in order to celebrate the birthday of the RHS.  She and her helpers invite between 150 and 210 ladies and have a great time enjoying entertainment, eating yummy things and sharing happy times together.
Constance's hobbies include taking pictures of as many gathered Red Hatters as possible.  She adds, "Believe it or not, one of my hobbies is working on the computer and preparing my own spreadsheets, and the many agendas and travel sheets for my 3 chapters."  She also likes to participate in the annual Senior Box Car Derby in her area, always enjoying herself immensely as she zooms down the hill.
Constance has given much thought to sharing her secret for keeping her Chapters strong and healthy.  She frankly states that it has been challenging keeping each Chapter strong and happy. She says that it is important for a Queen to listen to each Member and be open to changes.  When faced with a difficult situation she gives herself time to think though her options before making her decision, rather than acting without careful deliberation.  She enjoys helping women who are single, divorced or widowed as well as women who are new to her area and looking for a way to connect with others.  Constance has a genuine desire to help these women "enjoy all the things that I can think up to assure that they have a good time."
Sounds like the epitome of an excellent, caring Queen to us! Congratulations, Queen Constance!

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