Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Sweet Coronation by the Great Gals of Garland

The Great Gals of Garland (Texas, United States) recently honored their Queen, Susan, with her very own Coronation ceremony. Although she had been the Chapter's Queen for more than four years, she had never had a formal coronation. Her Chapter Members all put their brims together to come up with an event that was filled with love, sisterhood and humor. Vice Queen Norma, shared this special experience and all of the materials used for the Coronation with Hatquarters, and she encouraged us to pass the ideas along to you.

Each Member of the Great Gals of Garland presented Queen Susan with an item for her Queen's Kit, a robe, crown and scepter, and she and her Members performed their pledges to each other and the Sisterhood. We've included the Queen's Kit, the Queen's Pledge and the Red Hat Vow:
Queen's Kit
  • Queen's Slippers: Purple slippers so that all the people will stare…and make sure they are comfy-cozy and feel good to your feet.
  • Bling: The Red Hat Way
  • A Hershey's Bar: Chocolate reminds us to indulge in the pleasures of life
  • Your very own Red Hat bear and doll: To remind you that you will never be lost in the wilderness.
  • A red swatter: To slap yourself silly if you ever get too serious… at least when you're with us.
  • Tweezers: So that you can perform delicate surgery on us if we need it. Should have other necessities such as safety pins, bandaids, etc.
  • An eye mask: To remind you to close your eyes to the normal and open your eyes to the new possibilities that you can appreciate.
  • A candle: One that does not burn at both ends, to remind you to let your inner light shine so that others can see the fun in being 50.
  • A purple bucket: Just in case your hysterical laughter gets the best of you! (Please go behind the bushes.)
  • Wine glass and bubbly: You can't have a Queen who doesn't have her goblet and sparkly!

Queen's Pledge
  1. As Queen of ________________, I hereby swear on my Red Hat to rule in a kind and benevolent fashion.
  2. I will promise to promote fun, laughter, and comic relief when needed.
  3. I will promise to shop for and wear full purple regalia found in thrift stores, yard sales, bargain racks, dollar stores, Walmarts, and Gran's attic. It is the thrill of the hunt that intrigues me.
  4. I will sparkle with friendship, frivolity, and instill sisterhood among my colorfully hatted Sisters.
  5. I will encourage fun and laughter, wherever we may go, making times together memorable.
  6. When I am tired and worn out, I promise to reach out to my Sister chicks to recover my life.
  7. I vow to walk with and work with my loyal subjects and show them how I do it.
  8. I promise to become familiar with my loyal subjects and value each member for who she is.
  9. I promise to read the menu aloud for any Red Hatter who's forgotten her bifocals.
  10. I promise to discretely let her know when something sags, bags, or droops unless there is nothing she can do about it. Then, ignorance is BLISS.
  11. I promise to set an example for my Pink Hat Sisters that aging is a matter of the mind, and since I don't mind and they don't mind…it doesn't matter.
  12. I promise not to take life too seriously, knowing that I'll never get out of it alive. I encourage our ladies to take our silliness seriously and take our seriousness out for a laugh. I will mostly rule with silliness and regularly practice having fun.
  13. If life is a stage, we will not hide in the wings. We will be front and center, kicking up our red and purple heels and hope we don't fall off them…and pray someone will come by and kindly help me up if I do.
  14. I will realize that everyone is gifted; some just open the package sooner.
  15. I promise to allow some confusion in this disorganization, no Agendas, Committees, or Rules of Robert. I promise to have no meetings, only fun-filled gatherings, and I will invite you lovely ladies to teas, get-togethers, grand events, and fun outings.
  16. I promise that I shall never forget that in order to be the Queen, one must above all be a force to be reckoned with, so I will wear my colors and regalia proudly.
  17. I will wield my scepter and make grand proclamations whenever the mood strikes.

Red Hat Vow
Place your gloved left hand on your red/pink hat, and your right gloved hand on your hip and pose with Hattitude in your own unique way. Now, repeat:
I, (your royal name), with Hattitude, do solemnly swear on my red/pink hat to uphold the sister spirit of the Red Hatters.
will greet and embrace middle age with love and laughter. I will fight old age to the end to maintain my middle age status by plucking and dying grey hair every time it appears under my beautiful red/pink hat.
promise never to refer to myself, or another Red Hat sister, as an old woman, but as a very mature angel that has learned to spread her wings and spit with Hattitude.
promise to greet each Red Hat Sister at every meeting with a hug and a smooches swish on each side of the face and always come dressed in my red/pink hat and purple/lavender outfit, and full formal regalia when required.
solemnly swear never to repeat or gossip about anything that is said at our meetings to an outsider, (a non-Red Hatter).
promise to look at our Calendar of Events each month and give a card to the Red Hat sister/sisters who have a birthday in that month.
do promise to take my silliness and shenanigans very seriously. I will join my Red Hat and Pink Hat sisters going for the FUN and GUSTO of life together. I will share in the bonding of affection, show a genuine enthusiasm of life and living, and practice having fun at all times.
This I pledge in the spirit of the Red Hat Society, and with the Red Hat Hattitude.
seal this pledge with a queenly wave and a hip shake while bending at the knee.
Since life is so uncertain and we refuse to get any older in spirit and mind, let all of the MATURE Red Hatters eat dessert FIRST at all of our meetings.
Yea! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!


  1. I'm the one who submitted our Coronation for Queen Susan to RHS. We also have an original song written for the occasion by one of our own members, Martha Bellomy. She has given consent for anyone to use this song and replace their Queen's name. If you would like a copy of this song, please contact me at Norma911@aol.com.

  2. If you would like to receive a copy of the "song" written for this Coronation by our Great Gals of Garland member, Martha Bellomy, please request to Norma911@aol.com. You may use it for your Coronation and insert your Queen's name.