Thursday, November 13, 2014

Guest Post from International Partner HATalk e-Magazine: DIY Red Hat

Have you ever found a gorgeous straw hat in a thrift store that would be absolutely perfect if only it was in red?? Here's a DIY trick you'll love...

You Will Need:

  • A straw or sinamay hat of any color
  • Car spray paint in bright red (NOTE: this is highly flammable and should only be used outdoors in dry, still weather conditions. Wear rubber gloves and read all the instructions on the can carefully before use.)
  • A stool, some bricks and some thin plastic sheet to make a support for your hat while spraying
  • Apron
  • Rubber gloves
  • Tissue paper or plastic carrier bags to stuff inside the hat crown and help keep it in place on the support

Arrange your hat support outdoors in a windless position. We placed two bricks on an old stool with one brick standing on end. We covered everything with a sheet of this plastic. We then stuffed the hat crown with some tissue paper and wedged it gently onto the upstanding brick. This meant that the hat was fixed at a comfortable height for spraying and would not be moved by the force of the spray.

Shake the can well before use (the instructions on our can well before use (the instructions on our can state that it should be agitated for two minutes). Following the instructions on the can and begin to spray the hat. Don't over-spray -- a thin, even coat is best. Turn the hat as necessary while spraying to ensure even coverage. When the top surface is completely covered, leave the hat to dry for a few minutes. 

Lift the hat off the brick and remove the tissue paper. Rearrange the bricks to form a nest into which the hat crown will fit, and replace the plastic sheeting. Now spray the underside of the brim. Take special care that the brim edge is evenly sprayed. No need to spray inside the crown-- it will not be seen, Leave the hat to dry completely once more. Cover the can and put it away in a safe place and then decide how you want to decorate your new hat!

This tip was taken from the ebook How to Make a Red Hat by Ann More-Brown. This ebook is a free gift from HATalk e-magazine to any Member of the Red Hat Society. If you would like a free copy, simply send an email to with the words 'Free Ebook' in the subject line and we'll get one sent out to you right away! 

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