Tuesday, October 7, 2014

She's the Queen of the Month!

Queen Peggy Cingle 
Golden Girls on the Go
Pottsdam, Pennsylvania 
Queen Peggy was born in Lock Haven, PA, and grew up in Castanea, also in Pennsylvania.  She completed her education with a degree in English from Lock Haven University.  She met her husband when both were in her cousin’s 26 (!) person wedding party.  After years of marriage, she was 
widowed and reports that she is now engaged to be married again.

Her employment years have consisted of such varied positions as cataloger for a major library/book company, teacher/substitute, co-owner of a deli and owner of a gift shop.

Peggy describes herself as a “dabbling genealogist”, adding that she has been working on tracing seven different lines in her family.  She traveled to Slovakia and Poland in 2005 and visited two villages of her maternal grandparents, as well as connecting with second cousins.  Now, some years later, some of the young people in that extended family have joined her and her family on Facebook!

After attending a luncheon with a Chapter of the RHS she filled out a Membership card and has gone all in, now serving as both Queen and Ambassador.  Her favorite aspects of belonging to the RHS are making new friends, socializing and having fun.  Peggy’s top RHS experience involved traveling to Washington, D.C. to be a part of the installation of our first red hat (and boa) at the Smithsonian Institute, as the event acknowledged the historical contribution the Red Hat Society has made to our culture.  

We asked Queen Peggy to explain how she keeps her Chapter strong and her Chapterettes happy.  Here is her answer:  “I hope to grow our numbers since I am an open chapter and don’t say no to anyone.”  She enjoys the opportunity to include women from different cultures and ethnicity and taking the opportunity to celebrate differences and enjoy the fun and friendship that can be developed, even within a diverse group.  She agrees that growing a Chapter involves some effort:  “It takes time to make a cohesive Chapter, but the more activities that are enjoyed together...the more we form those friendships.”  

I feel confident in stating that the time Peggy has spent gathering in women from various backgrounds has been well worth it.  I am sure that her Chapterettes appreciate her – as do all of us who believe in the mission of the RHS.  She exemplifies some of the best qualities a Red Hatted Queen can have!

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