Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Help! I’ve been photobombed!

By Social Butterfly Joann Miller

Help I have been photobombed!  Don't panic there is no need to dial 911.  So what just happened?

Sometimes intentional... sometimes not... a photobomb occurs when something unexpected takes over the focus of the original image.  How many times when you were little did you make bunny ears behind someone's head just as the picture was taken?  Or what about that picture that you walked into but didn't mean it?  I know a lot of you now will jump into a group picture being taken, but should you?  We have all photobombed others and been photobombed ourselves.  Of course, sometimes things just happen....

So is photobombing a good thing or not?  The accepted definition says not.... But in my opinion it all depends on the resulting image.  Of course it's fun to review your photos and find that unexpected moment that you captured while your original focus was elsewhere.  Then again it is sometimes plain annoying when someone you don't want just jumps in.

In a pinch we can re-take the shot and sometimes that moment in time is lost forever.  So the next time you want to photobomb.... I ask you.... should you or shouldn't you?

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