Thursday, September 4, 2014

September Queen of the Month

Since we’re going to Indiana for the 2015 Speedway Sparkle International Convention, it seems especially appropriate to feature a Queen of an Indiana Chapter this month.  We’d like to introduce you to Queen and Ambassador Glynette Richard (“The Magnificent Ladies,”) in Gary.

Glynette holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Indiana University and currently works as an addiction treatment nurse at Edgewater Systems for Balanced Living in Gary.  Previously she held positions in Critical Care and Psychiatric Nursing and served as Adjunct Professor at IVY Tech College.

She doesn’t let the fact that she is widowed slow her down: aside from Red Hatting, her hobbies include cooking, hat-making, knitting and sewing.

Her experience with Red Hatting began when she joined a Chapter in 2002.  After attending our international convention in Las Vegas (2005) she says she “fell in love with the Red Hat Society and all it stood for and encompasses.”  She was so inspired that she returned home, promoted herself to Queen, and started her own Chapter.

Her favorite aspect of her Membership is the wonderful women that she has met and the lasting friendships that she has made with women from all over the world over the past years.

When asked for her secret for reigning over such a successful Chapter (over 50 Supporting Members!) she says that she maintains a personal contact with every one of her Chapterettes, in order to demonstrate personal caring.  Glynette adds “These monthly contacts give my members a feeling of belonging. In addition to our monthly gatherings we also enjoy local and overnight events with one another.  So my secret is CARING ABOUT OTHERS, MAKING THEM HAPPY AND HAVING FUN.”

We love her evident enthusiasm, don’t you?  We would imagine that her Members hold her in high esteem indeed!  She exemplifies all that is best about the RHS.


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