Thursday, September 25, 2014


By 2013 RHS Social Butterfly Joann Miller 

OMG! September is almost over.  Have you done the SELFIE challenge yet?  A couple of weeks ago Hatquarters issued a social media challenge for #SelfieSeptember.  If you did it, great (jump to the bottom) but for those who are still scratching your heads over this don't panic!  A selfie is where you take a picture of yourself.  Yep.... It's ALL about you!

Giggling at Canasta with the Scarlet Sophisticates Chapter in Woodbridge VA.
Pictured are Charlotte Large, Deborah Brockert and Joann Miller. 

Did you know that selfies have been around since the 1800's?  Back in 1839, Robert Cornelius created a daguerreotype of himself.  How did he do it?  Because of the slow process at the time he was able to uncover the lens, run into the shot for a minute or more, and then replace the lens cap.  

But let's fast forward to modern cameras. How many of you remember setting the timer on your camera so you could then run around to be in the shot. Yep! That's a selfie or more likely an usie (term for a group shot)

Lucky for us, today's digital cameras allow us to just point and click.  Plus, we all tend to have a device with us that can grab a picture at any time. For example, most of us have cameras in our cell phones. Perfect for those selfie moments.

Of course, taking our own pic is easier said than done, so I thought I would give you some tips to help you create a fabulous selfie. 

1).  If your device has a front facing camera it is easiest to use that as you can see what is in the frame.  But if you can the rear facing camera is, usually, a better option in terms of picture quality. So it pays to experiment how to hold your device for that selfie without seeing what image is being captured.  
2).  Look at the camera lens!  That might sound obvious, but if you are using the front facing camera as mentioned in tip 1... we tend to look at the image displayed which makes us look in the wrong place.  Use that image to frame the shot, but then look at the lens before you click!
3). Angles make a difference.  It's easier to hold the camera away and down but who wants to look up your nose?  Play with where you hold your camera.  Consider holding off to one side.  Or consider tilting your face.... You have options!
4). Want to take a full body selfie?  Hard to do as your arms aren't usually long enough.  Consider posing in front of a mirror and shooting that image.  True your camera will be in the shot but sometimes this is what you need.
5). Take a bunch of shots!  For example, I tend to blink a lot, so when I take a couple of pics in a row.. sure one might have my eyes closed, but not all of them.  Or I might try out different facial expressions to find that realistic smile.  Usually, I can get a shareable shot, but if not, I just try again till I do.

So go ahead and take that selfie. Then, share your image with all of us. If you get it done in the next couple of days remember to use the hashtag #SelfieSeptember.  Can't wait to see you!

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