Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Special Request From One Grateful Daughter

This week, Hatquarters is requesting your help in locating the Chapter in West Bend Wisconsin that unknowingly touched the heart of a woman whose mother, a Red Hatter, passed away several years ago.

Carol Laffey was a Red Hatter who died unexpectedly from cancer in 2005. Upon her passing, her Chapter donated a small token in her honor to a local botanical garden in West Bend. In what we like to refer to as a "Scarlet Sparkle" moment, her daughter Colleen discovered the memorial on a recent visit to the garden.

Colleen was so touched by this gesture that she reached out to Hatquarters to help her locate the group. Here's what she had to say:  

I never knew the women that were in her group. However, she talked very highly of many of them! Not to mention, she had a wonderful time with all of them anytime they did one of their excursions/events.

I recently went to a botanical garden that was placed in one of our big parks in West Bend Wisconsin. I never knew this garden even existed till my family happened to come to Wisconsin this past August 16 for my daughter's wedding. While they were walking and viewing this garden they ran across a stepping stone that I believe was donated through the Red Hat Society in her name. I was wondering who might have been the lead person or the one that was so kind and loving to remember her and do this in her memory? I have no idea who it might have been.
My mom and I were the best of friends, and although she does not exist on this Earth anymore, she always is with me. I would like to extend my personal appreciation for honoring her this way. I was hoping to find a way to reach out to the individual that made sure she was acknowledged. If you might have that name or a way to contact her, I would greatly appreciate any help your services can provide me!

Someone needs to be personally thanked from me to them! Take care.

Thank you again

Colleen Herbst 

Wow! Isn't it amazing that Carol's family was reminded of her presence during her granddaughter's wedding week? Now THAT is magical! Hatquarters would like to thank this Chapter that showed us just how wonderful this Sisterhood is. 

If you have any information that you can share, please email or contact her at 866-386-2850 x 161. 


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