Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ribbon Wreath Craft Courtesy of the Rockin' Rubies & Rhinestones Chapter

Inspired by the door prize of a red and purple ribbon wreath won by Queen Barb of the Rockin' Rubies & Rhinestones Chapter at their April Bunco event, a group of Rockin Rubies & Rhinestones Chapterettes gathered to make their very own ribbon wreaths thanks to Craft Coach and Host Carol Rynex.

Attendees each brought 20 yards of their personal choice of 2 1/2 in. wide wired ribbon and embellishments to create their own designs. And because a craft this cute deserves to be shared, Queen Barb courteously supplied Hatquarters with the following instructions. Enjoy! 

CRAFT:  Ribbon Wreath 
You choose Colors, Theme, Design.
Versatile for Home, Office, & Gifts! 


  • Straw wreath (10-14 inches, plastic-covered)
  • Floral Pins (U-Shaped)
  • 2-1/2” wide WIRED ribbon (20 yards any Color/Pattern/Mix)
  • Scissors
  • Wire-Cutters (cut thick floral stems)
  • Flowers / Craft Picks / Bows / Embellishments
  • Hanger (Soda-Can Tab-Ring or Sawtooth-Metal-Fastener)

  • For easy-cutting, let the ribbon-spools unwind on the floor
  • Wrap & loop 5-in. long pieces of ribbon around each other several times
  • Cut through the ribbon loops (both ends--top & bottom) creating 5-in long (2 ½ in. wide) ribbon strips fusing 2 different colors/patterns of ribbon 
  • Loop 2 colors of ribbon together cutting both at same time
  • Cut ribbon strips to start (as needed, cut more 5-in. ribbon strips)
  • Take one 5-in. length of the ribbon-strip and fold the ribbon in half
  • Put one floral pin through the bottom and then cut the end (gathering ribbon at base-center)
  • Insert the ribbon, pushing the floral pin in near the bottom, inside of the wreath (keep wreath flat on table).
  • Repeat the process until the ribbon rows are all around the  inside. Fluff the ribbon pieces as you work.
  • Position/Insert flowers/Craft picks/Embellishments with floral pins securing to the straw wreath.
  • Continue inserting the folded ribbon pieces with floral pins until they fully cover the front & sides of the plastic-covered straw wreath.
  • At the top, back of the wreath, attach the hanger (secured with floral pins) 
  • Hang the wreath, & enjoy! 

Craft from: Carol Rynex of the Rockin Rubies & Rhinestones from Chantilly, VA

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